9/11 Eleven Years Later: Cloward, Piven, and Moody’s Blues

SEPTEMBER 11, ELEVEN YEARS LATER: Cloward & Piven and Moody’s
Twelve years ago this morning airplanes crashed onto the World Trade Center.  Whether this was done by cave-dwelling Muslims in an effort to stymie world trade, or by others to stymie world freedom is irrelevant today.  But, today, Moody’s statement may, in twelve more years be seen as equally devastating to both world trade and liberty.  There are those in high places who wish for nothing more than the fall of America.  Whether out of racial anger; or out of radical fervor, or the hatred of Old Money for the “snot-nosed republic across the ocean” matters not.  What matters is that they have been eagerly awaiting this day for a very long time.
Cloward & Piven explains the entire thrust of the regime’s policies.  Obama, a puppet of the Globalists is happy to do their bidding, which is to bring down the United States of America.  The persistence of an independent United States of America functions as a final redoubt of Liberty.  Not even in a military, diplomatic way, but in a more important way, by being the final safe deposit for capital.  The USSR failed because its inefficient use of capital doomed its economy.  So long as capital can move, it will always move to where it can be most productive. The Internet has mobilized capital as no other phenomenon in history.  A click of a mouse and a Billion dollars can move instantly.  Socialism is dead, so long as one place on earth is free.  Capital can no longer be kept behind Iron Curtains.  Therefore Socialism MUST remove every last stronghold of economic liberty.  The Twentieth Century demonstrated the indispensability of the US to world liberty.  “They” the Utopians, who are nothing more than arrogant intellectuals who believe that their prescription for universal happiness is True, have realized that the US must die.

They have found an ally in the Marxist anti-Colonialist Obama.  Not he alone, but the entire cadre of college “educated” post-Modern academented radicals, have found that a claim to “moral superiority” is easily made by denigrating America’s lack of perfection.  That the rest of the world is so much worse in every category is of no importance.  America must be humbled!  Yes, America must be humbled so They can be acclaimed as the “loving and caring people” that they are!

Whether Obama’s allies are honestly seeking to create a Scandinavian-style welfare state in America and are merely foolish; or they are evil, and actively seeking the overwhelming of the system, it will not matter.  It is working.  There is nothing Obama will not spend billions on.  Whether good or bad, effective or not, does not matter, so long as the national debt increases beyond the point of credit-worthiness.  The moment the credit rating drops, the interest owed on our debt will cause the debt to increase to the point that it no longer is sellable.  America will be bankrupt.  In receivership, our assets will be seized.  But more important to the human race, there will no longer be any final redoubt for capital.  Statist Tyranny will be a boot on the face of humanity forever and ever!

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