Less White, Less Male, Less Free, Less Prosperous

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”
IF we knew the result enfranchising women and minorities would be, I would have been against it.
When Men voted they voted in light of their families’ situations.  It was presumed that their wife and children’s interests were identical to his.  And, they were.  When the reach of government was curtailed the interests it impacted were few in number.  Over the small range of interests in which the government had standing, there was no difference within families and little difference between neighbors.
The Federal government’s intrusion into the States’ authority, forcing voting rights for blacks was not an altruistic enlightened act. At the time it appeared to be unquestionably right; and the Jim Crow south was presumed to be evil.  Some of the Southerners resisted the Federal Civil Rights making the States’ Rights argument.  We assumed it was the same sort who were stridently pro-slavery in the run up to the Civil War; hiding their bigotry behind high sounding rhetoric of Liberty, crying wolf over impending tyranny.   It never occurred to us moralists in the North that this time their might really be a wolf!
Only in retrospect can we see that this was a cynical step in the fundamental change of America from a Constitutionally limited Republic of States into a monolithic socialist republic. 
Forcing the Southern states to allow voting by all blacks, and by outlawing any poll tax, or minimal knowledge test applicable to all in a racially blind manner was a deliberate and necessary step to tyranny. How? 
For every vote from a non-tax-payer, the vote of the taxpayer is diluted. Harnessed by shrewd multigenerational schemers the blacks were kept poor, and dependent upon government handouts. Affirmative Action was the elbow the Federal Government used to smash into the entire informal structure of free association, and private property. Once in, they worked insidiously to make the doing of any business, whether buying or selling, hiring or firing, job offer and job acceptance: everything, a regulable activity. Businesses all required a Business License!
Part of the multigenerational scheme was the deliberate debauching of morals. Once the Black family was more conservative than the Whites. Out of wedlock sex was not winked at. Out of wedlock pregnancy required instant marriage, shotgun or otherwise! 
But, Margaret Sanger, Racist Eugenicist wanted to eradicate the black race. Planned Parenthood spread the doctrine of Abortion for unplanned pregnancies. Women were beguiled to take their newly won vote and dedicate it to whoever would honor this morbid “right”.
The appointment of several generations of Supreme Court justices imbued with their self-importance and “responsibility” to further progress was the final necessary piece. 
Now, we had a black voting block that paid little if any tax, voting for those pols who would promise them more loot, more affirmative action. And we had women voting their interests, which suddenly were not the interests of their families as the male vote was. No, their interest was anti-family.
This was exactly what the multigenerational scheme was after:
A monolithic federal state unbound by the Constitution, deriving “legitimacy” from those foolishly enfranchised by the White man through his sense of fairness and morality. Now, we are judged as being a rear guard of unfair and immoral “privilege”! WE who tamed the continent, fought its wars, built its industry and agriculture, its mighty economic system, and fought for voting rights for women and blacks, have placed our necks in the noose, and have been convinced that we deserve it!
I honestly believe that the opening of the voting franchise has resulted in the death of Liberty.  Ironically the shadow of liberty, The Vote, has strangled the reality of Liberty; the limited state.  It sounds harsh, but I honestly would say that recent events bears out the warnings from the southern opponents of the Federal strong-arming and over-throwing of the states’ right to decide on its own voting procedures.  The outright bigotry evident in selective poll tax or knowledge tests was done away, and rightly so.  But the across-the-board Federal restrictions on all equally applied poll taxes, and knowledge tests were illegitimate.  They were part of the long and patient whittling down of actual rights and their replacement by “collective rights”.  And now we have Ms Wasserman-Schultz crowing about our self-inflicted wound!  This radical feminist who would not take her husband’s name in full, has no higher ideal than the freedom to have abortions on demand paid for by the public, thereby forcing the sin on all.  Though spreading the national curse it will not minimize the moral judgement of any single “termination”.  She and her ilk will support the deadliest foe of America if he/she would but guarantee their “right”.  The Looting Class too, would vote even for the one who will kill their golden goose if he could promise them just a but more in the short term.  (The failure to look past the short term is why these people are on the dole!)

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