Its Not The Illegality Stupid! Its their Origin

Won’t someone please say what needs saying?  AMERICA has never been an Hispanic nation.  The citizens of the British North American Colonies were instinctively wary of Spanish America looming to the south and west.  The American Republic has nothing in common with Hispanic Civilization. The Latin legacy is the reason why Mexico, which is amongst the most fortunate nations in natural resources is governed by an oligarchy lording it over an ignorant peasantry. 

The US gained the West from Mexico, because the Latin society was not at all interested in the Anglo-Saxon dream of gaining a free hold piece of property and having the right to improve it and reap the benefits.

The Latin way was set from the outset; even before Columbus lead the way for the Conquistadors.  The Mexican Valley and the Andes were already the sites of powerful imperial structures.  There was a pre-fabricated system of feudalism. Locals were considered peasants by absentee Inca or Aztec landlords in Cuzco or Tenochtitlan, (Mexico City).  The Spanish merely decapitated the Old Boss and established themselves as the New Bosses. 

The Conquistadors came to gain Realms over which to rule.  They did NOT come as families with the dream of establishing a self-sufficient farm, who were willing to risk all and do their own work.  Not so the Latino immigrant to New Spain and New Granada.  They came as single men to make their fortune that to them meant gaining a position where they reaped the bounty of peasant labor.  They sought to become Gentlemen.  Thus they were Urban, absentee landlords and mine owners.  They had no interest in pushing north into the Texas and beyond.  There, there were no pre-fabricated empires to take over.  They had no interest in honest labor.  The Indians were hostile and decentralized. There was no center for them to conquer and from which to rule.  Honest labor was deemed unfit for a Gentleman. 

SO:  Let us not pretend anything else other than the fact that Hispanic migration into America is as existential a threat to America, as the Germanic migration into the Roman world.  Illegal migration must be halted.  And even Legal migration of Hispanics must be halted.  Let us allow the rapid influx of Poles, and other Eastern Europeans who wish to come to be American-Americans; and not Hyphenated Americans!  The Latino migrants are peasants.  We do not need any peasant class in America.  At least we, in the Middle Class have no need for a peasantry. 
Historically the Aristocracy used the peasantry in its ignorance and superstition.  It was “natural” for the peasant to be subservient to the Nobility. But, the Nobility was quick to plant the seeds of envy when the Middle Class began its rise.  The English Civil wars demonstrated the alliance of Aristocracy and the reactionary ignorance of the peasants.  Together they fought the Middle Class, the Roundheads, the Puritans, the chapel vs. the Cathedral. 
America is the fruit of the Protestant Enlightenment.  It is and has always been threatened by Monarchists, Bishops, on the one hand and Marxist Globalists on the other.  It is instructive to see who stands where on the question of Hispanic peasantry migrating en masse into America. 

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