PAY CHECK FAIRNESS: Another Civil “Right”

“Paycheck Fairness”
All this stems from the presumption that all exchanges of labor, or goods and money is within the purview of the Government. And said Government is careful to forbid barter or alternative monetary systems.
This is one of the foul fruits of the acceptance of the means to a noble end. The Civil Rights Acts introduced the concept that the Federal Government has the authority to force all private exchanges of goods and services to comply with its rules.
“Oh, but the terrible racism of the Jim Crow south required the Federal Government to intrude.” The people who argued for the principles of Federalism, i.e. strict restriction of Federal authority to only the explicitly defined powers given it by the Constitution, were marginalized as being “racist” and “bigots”.
This in retrospect was the beginning of the Long March of the Left. From the default position that private property was sacrosanct, and that the right to freely associate with whomever one wishes, we have been nudged step by step to a Statist Tyranny. At every step, those who opposed the march were called “racist, and bigot”.
The merits of the argument were never addressed, because it was “obvious” that the principled defense of limited Constitutional government was “code” for Racism. And of course the Leftist Intellektchuals were possessed of the code book.
So, here we are! The Federal Government acts as though it alone owns the privilege to buy and sell everything. It requires the sole use of their fiat Monopoly money. (“Monopoly” not in the sense of toy, or play money based on arbitrary rules to a game, which in part is true, but in the actual meaning of having no competitive form of exchange.)
We have stepwise come to accept the premise that the Federal Government has the right to enforce its arbitrary or even democratically chosen policy over the private economic arrangements of every single person! We need to break the Federal Government’s ability to enforce its monopoly over money.

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