Fuming Mad: Like Taxed Tea, Taxed Energy will be Spilled!


Or Heifers

El Jefe and his jefettes.

I am fuming mad!  How dare this P.O.S. foreign-raised (at the least) hater of the White Man and Western Civilization cloak his mortal attack in “Climate Change” rhetoric???!!!

This angry destroyer like other tyrannical dictators was raised outside of the metropolitan center of his nation.  Napoleon was raised in Corsica, at that time only newly ruled by France.  Outsider.

Stalin, the Georgian left the Caucasus nation to rule over Russia and the USSR.  Hitler, the Austrian from high in the alps came down to Bavaria and then the rest of Germany.  Barack Hussein Obama raised in Indonesia by an anti-American mother who despised “bourgeois values” rises to a state of Tyranny over America.

He is an enemy of this nation!  He HATES America and is deliberately out to bring it down, clip its wings, kick it around, bitch slap her!

NO!  NO!  NO!  He and his ilk must be suppressed.

No one believes in “Carbon” based global warming with a straight face.  When the old “Climate Change” is substituted for “Warming” it becomes impossible to deny it is occurring, for “climate change” without any stated trend can refer to nothing other than the weather!  And we already know that weather changes!  “Climate Change” is impossible to disprove because under its previous and less threatening title, the weather is a real phenomenon.  The question of whether “it” is caused by Carbon is ludicrous when we understand that IT refers only to the changeability of weather.  Climate-mongers cannot make a case for “Climate Change” being due to anything!  The variability of climate and weather is multifactorial.  Since there is no specific trend it is logically impossible to determine “its cause”!  By definition, randomness is without cause!  For if a cause were known, its presence or absence would make prediction possible and then it would not be “random”.
The Climate has changed and continues to change, and CO2 has no bearing on it.  IF there were warming, there could be a small chance that CO2 plays a small role (as best).  But Change Of Climate unspecified, cannot be caused by CO2.  The Greenhouse Gasses Theory relates CO2 to warming only! Greenhouses are WARM!  If there is not warming, the Greenhouse Gas Theory is IRRELEVANT.  And THEY know it.  So they are lying.  Why?  As in all major catastrophes there is a level of causality.  From the immediate to the primary; each group has its motives.

Sordid self-interest is behind the “Climate Scientists“.  If the world is not warming they are out of a job!  This has been a growth industry, filled by stoners who could not get near a true engineering program. The major “Environmental Engineering” beats “English” and calms the parental units, who are relieved that “Dylan” (or Tyler, or Maxwell) has settled down, finally, and is working towards a career; a paying career.

Conmen have provided untold political donations to this Tyrant and reap their rewards by being given grants or interest free loans for “alternative” energy start ups.  If there were any likelihood of succeeding in generating energy in relevant quantities at market prices there would be no need for public financing.  The more normal venture capitalists would line up to fund these projects; IF THEY HAD A CHANCE!  Instead the schemers the scumbags who always live close to the teats of power are at hand to start Potemkin NRG Inc.  “Everyone” benefits: El Jefe garners campaign funds, El Jefe hands out Alternative Energy jackpots.  Laws require utilities to buy a percentage of their energy from these “alternative energy producers”, and they pass the cost on to the users.  This King Canut will make “sustainable” energy competitive by artificially increasing the cost of the “old” fossil  fuels.

EVIL Conspirators are deliberately destroying the West. The money and corruption are merely bonuses to them.  Men like Obama have no higher goal than to destroy the bastion of White Protestant Civilization, the USA.  They would pay any price for the privilege of knocking down, but looting it first before destroying it is an added rush.  The danger of these “officials” is that they are seriously idealistic.  Because greed is not their motivator they will never be satisfied.   Like a jack, incrementally lifting a car, its relentlessness is due to its never, ever going backwards.  The direction is always the same.  The speed varies.  But it never reverses.

They are using “concern” for “climate change” to strangle us, as a nation through the gradual pricing up of all energy required to run a 21st century nation.  At a certain point energy will no longer be available.  Suddenly an extremely high-tech dependent nation with a population of 300+ million will become a nation with energy sufficient to operate a 19th century level.  The population numbers will NECESSARILY revert to that of the 19th century.  This requires a drop in population of more than 250 million!  Hello?  Are there 250 million whites who volunteer in the name of fairness and concern to commit suicide?  Many gelded whites will agree.  BUT not all.

At the top (or bottom) is the Devil.  We have been warned about “Darkness in high places”.  “His” hatred of humanity has been unceasing.  Now, HaSatan is providing motive and means to destroy the billions of stinking fleshy bodies infesting his planet.

From the stoner Climate Engineer to HaSatan they are all using each other, and all are admiring the emperor’s new clothing, Climate Change.

““If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will,” Obama said last month during his State of the Union address. He pledged executive actions “to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy.”


WHY do the academic gelded Left not resist the impoverishment of the nation? If they are so “idealistic” and seek the redistribution of American’s wealth don’t they care that this Tyrant’s deliberate impoverishment means a smaller pie to loot?  Even the proponents of classical socialism would be hesitant to choke the goose laying their eggs!  Underneath it all is blind hatred of life; a raging fiery abyss. It is them or us.  They must be suppressed.

Let the destroyers know: when Obama’s EPA makes the use of our own domestic energy too expensive to burn in America through carbon “costs” and myriads of fees, taxes and inspections and ships it off to China instead, that we shall not suffer in the dark and cold rooms of our homes.  No! Not while an elite siphons off just enough gas and oil from The Keystone Pipeline for their private jets, and McMansions will we sit on our hands. When the time comes that we cannot afford to utilize the energy in the pipeline we shall make sure that the pipeline never flows freely for anyone.
A thousand mile pipeline is a thousand mile invitation to Revolution.
Like Taxed Tea, Taxed Energy will be spilled.

2 thoughts on “Fuming Mad: Like Taxed Tea, Taxed Energy will be Spilled!

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