Nine Deadly Sins of Post Moderns: Time Mag, Rahm Emmanuel
In this week’s TIME cover story, editor-at-large David Von Drehle writes that Chicago “has budget problems and crime problems, problems of inequality and racial division, problems of mutual suspicion and failing schools, of high unemployment and aging infrastructure. And behind it all, special interests so deeply entrenched you need spelunking gear to go after them.” TIME
REALITY: the collectivist mindset is so deeply entrenched in their hack “jour~nal~lisst” (Michael Savage sneer) that one needs spelunking bla bla..
What does this red-diaper doper baby mean by this role call of the 7 or in his case 10 deadly sins of Post-modernism?
What are reasonable political issues on which to critique a politician?
Are “budget problems”? Yes.  But the rest?
Crime Problems?  No!  A society that produces feral yutes is not governable by any system we would recognize as political.
Inequality?  Since when is equality of wealth considered an end for which the power of government ought be enlisted?  It is not within the arena of legitimate political action to address income equality or inequality!  Only whether or not wealth was gained legally, can be considered.  Who will decide what  ideal amount of “inequality” is “ok”?  I imagine the Platonic Republic Engineers will use some bell-curve rubric.  But with every year the bell will become steeper and narrower.  Will the goal be a bimodal distribution with a sharp spike at the median and a smaller hump to the right where the social engineers income will fall?
Mutual Suspicion?  Well yeah!  If there were zealots seeking to redistribute one’s wealth into arbitrary sets, of course a degree of mutual suspicion like that on the lifeboat in the midst of the ocean will take hold.  (Think Pi without the animals!)
Failing schools?  It depends; failing by what criteria?  Again, the education of a generation gone feral born to government-dependent girls, lacking father-figures is not amenable by ANY conceivable education policy.  However, the Chicago Department of Education is a misnomer.  It is in fact the department of educators and their unions.
High unemployment?  Again, no fan of Rahm Emmanuel but the deindustrialization of the USA, is not something he can reverse.  Yes, high city taxes and state taxes of Illinois will not attract many new businesses. So, here is where The High Lord With-Us, might have made a difference.  That would have required him turning against his Municipal Unions.  The Unions made him, and will break him, unless he came hard against them.  Only by aggressively renegotiating union pension costs and benefits could he trade blue collar unions, public sector unions, teachers’ unions, the dependent class, and their professional handlers for middle class support.  But these Obamacytes raison d’être is the destruction of the bourgeoise Middle Class!  They sought power to undo the brief ephemeral centuries of the Middle Class.  If not for that then power for its own sake must be admitted to themselves as their real goal. (In fact all “revolutionaries” merely spout dogma to justify their crimes against humanity.  Under the rhetoric are cockroaches scurrying from light.).
Aging Infrastructure?  See above.  There certainly is adequate taxation for infrastructure repair and replacement.  But not for that and also the social safety mattress.  Lets be clear, it ain’t a net.  Generations do not stay in safety nets.  It is a safety mattress, and the entire public sector welfare industry raise families pay off mortgages and make lives out of ministering the mattress!
Finally, the typical RDDB (red diaper …) attack on “Special Interests”.  The left’s vanity is that not only is there a singular “Common Good”, but that they are privy to it!  There is no such thing as The Common Good!  As Ayn Rand would ask “good for whom?”
Every single Government decision will benefit some and harm others.  The only successful system has been to keep the arena over which government has sway to a minimum.  And within that arena allow the representatives of the people to trade, bargain, compromise etc.  As said, if you eat sausages don’t visit a packing house.  The Zealots whine about the self-interested bargaining in Congress.  Because the American Framers expected a government of disinterested statesmen, the arrival of very interested representatives was seen as corrupt.  However, the democratization of the American Revolution continued long after the Constitution was settled.  By the time of Andrew Jackson the ideal of enlightened statesmen was given up.  It was accepted that all legislation had winners and losers.  It was up to the representatives of various interests to create policies that approximated the common interest.  But this is accomplished NOT by seeking the Common Good, but by the net total of competing interests reaching dynamic equilibrium.
To refer to Special Interests as if they are opposed to some “Common Interest” is to claim to sit high above the fray and have a God’s Eye view!  Rahm Emmanuel: means The High Lord Is With Us.

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