“The Vet Will See You Now”

Federalist Society success inspires campus copies news.yahoo.comDURHAM, N.C. (AP) — A new conservatism is beginning to emerge on some college campuses, spurred in part by opposition to President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. This AP story cannot help dropping its pants. The last paragraph “The Benjamin Rush Society traces its roots to 2008, when Canadian activist Sally Pipes organized a Washington meeting with support from the Kansas City-based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Its credo: “the profession of medicine calls its practitioners to serve their patients rather than the government.” Conversely, they also support so-called “concierge medicine” in which those with more money pay for individualized care otherwise unavailable.”
Only one with preconceived notions of what the word “patients” means could define the two points as being opposed. Serving patients per the AP apparently means Patients In The Abstract. Only by reading “patients” as meaning the General Public can “Concierge Medicine” be considered “converse”.
This is exactly the problem. This is the nub of every debate about Left vs. “Right”; Socialism vs Free Enterprise, Statism vs. Capitalism, Slavery vs. Liberty!
The Leftist sees The People. The American Constitutionalist sees A Person.
The moral practicing doctor is in an individual doctor-patient relationship with EACH of his/ her patients. It is not a collective construct. The Leftist will invariably charge the moral practicing doctor with Public Health responsibilities.
In the past, the doctor was one of the more highly respected individuals in the community. This was not because he was a revered healer. In fact in times not so long past, the best doctor had little to offer the sick. He was however always one of the more educated men in town. The Doctor was traditionally literate in Latin and had exposure to the entire body of Western Literature. He was not naive to Political Philosophy, as the high numbers of physicians amongst the leaders of the American Revolution attests.
It is not mere happenstance that the diminishment of the social standing of doctors has occurred simultaneously with the evolution of Medical education. Rather than producing well-rounded humanists the process is producing extremely narrowly focused technicians. A better healer, yes (maybe!); but no longer is he a repository of classical Liberal education.
These medical students of the Rush Society have chosen well their name. They will be the soul of an otherwise soulless guild. They will be the Professional men and women, the few in a sea of non-Western/post-Western “providers”.
The practice of medicine is either based upon treating individuals OR upon treating populations. The former proposition requires doctors, the latter, veterinarians.
Despite their worst intentions the Left cannot overturn the No Free Lunch Law. The American people deserve doctors treating them individually not vets treating them as a herd animal. Or maybe not, maybe they do not deserve anything more than they demand?

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