Climate-Science The Other Faith-Based Discipline
I am on the Concerned Scientists e-mail list.  Mostly I delete without opening.  But today I opened it.  I am now concerned, and annoyed enough to opine.  

How is it that the predictions of doom made twenty years ago, predictions premised on insufficient curtailment of CO2 release, have not come about?  It is twenty years since the first fear-mongering began. 

A “concerned scientist” must first be a scientist, yes?  And when scientists are caught having cherry-picked data and found to be conspiring with one another to spin their findings to fit a predetermined desired conclusion, that is a career-ending scandal.  Or, it would be at least in Science-sciences. 

Why do the “Climate-Scientists” have different criteria?  It appears to me that the loudest mavens of Doom have the weakest scientific credentials.  Climate Science (I will forgo the quotes, with difficulty) seems to lack the expected integration of Physics-Scientists, Biochemistry- Scientists or any of the “hard” science-sciences.  In addition even the less mathematically rigorous fields of Paleontology-Science and Archaeology-Science appear to not have been tapped for their inputs either. 

Climate-Scientists determine what Climate-Science is.  Climate-Scientists accredit other Climate-Scientists.  In none of the science-sciences are Public Relations, and Computer Modeling entry majors.  In fact I believe that Climate Science stands alone as an undergrad major.  Unlike Scientist-scientists who waste their undergrad years earning a general Bachelor of Science with perhaps a minor in a Particular Science-Science, “concerned” students major in Climate Science. 

One wonders why a student, by definition not educated enough to speak to the validity of Climate Science chooses such a course of study.  If “faith is belief in things unseen” is the choice to major in Climate Science a leap of faith? 

Though I would wager all my worldly goods that a Venn diagram of the union of the sets: Believers In Climate-Science, and Believers in Intelligent Design have a vanishingly minuscule overlap, they share the faith-based nature of their ‘science’.  (How long can I holdback the quotes?  Surely not forever?)  Strange.  Concerning even. 
Yeah porcupine I’m concoyned *eye-jab* Curly. 

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