Walesa Still Wily, “Poland and Germany should unite, says Lech Walesa”

Not a bad idea. Poland as an independent entity has been the exception rather than the rule historically. Until WW1 it was divided amongst the Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian Empires. Its brief emergence between the World Wars was as an authoritarian dictatorship, aggressively attacking Revolutionary Russia in the east, and belligerently refusing to negotiate any solution to the legitimate issue of Danzig, (Gdansk). That belligerency (unfortunately reinforced by Britain’s war guarantee) ignited WW2. 
The destruction of Poland by Nazi Germany was followed by its conquest by the USSR. 
Lech Walesa played a key role in bringing down Soviet hegemony over central Europe. But he is an astute man. He sees the writing on the wall. Gone are the days of Thatcher and Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Russia resurgent under Putin threatens Poland. NATO guarantees are no longer trusted. Poland merging with Germany would present a self-contained front to face Russia. He is very, very smart. But the proud Poles will never go for this. Alas.Image

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