The American Rightists are Anachronistic Oxymorons

Yes, The Current Regime is evil. Yes the Globalists are deliberately destroying US sovereignty.  BUT if possible, this Nazi bullshit is even worse. Have you read the link?
Here is the first two sentences: “The dream of a White Homeland in which our people, principles, and Traditions can survive and thrive has long been the suggested solution to the growing multicultural nightmare that is facing White America. Simply opting out of the System would allow White nationalists, Traditionalists, Christian fundamentalists, National Socialists, Patriot groups, militias, and everyone in between to finally have a piece of land to call their own; land that is not owned by the capitalists and the forces of International Jewry.
THE ERROR in his thinking and in this statement is that Capitalism is Jewish, or necessarily International. It is of the same mentality of all the Roman Catholic European Would-Be Hegemons. In truth the term RIGHT WING has no actual American history. “RIGHT WING” is a Continental European phenomenon first named in the wake of the French Revolution.
Continental Europe had resisted the capitalist middleclass evolution that occurred in Britain (and to a large degree in the Netherlands). The French Monarchy stood on increasingly shaky ground as the Modern Age began its overthrow of Landed Aristocracy. The British Civil Wars a century earlier had inoculated the isles by already acknowledging the new economic reality in which Capital replaced Land as the major source of power.
The development of the Middle Class, i.e. the Bourgeoise occurred in the latter Middle Ages. (The towns, or burgs, is the source of the term Bourgeoise.) The “Bourgeoise” or Middle Class refers to townsfolk who were neither peasants nor priests nor princes.
They were the craftsmen, merchants and professionals. As the value of their produce rose so too did their wealth. They emerged mostly in in northwestern Europe in areas where Reformed Protestantism had overthrown the Roman establishment. The traits of sobriety, industry and thrift that are summarily referred to as the Protestant Work Ethic were in reality not limited to Protestants. Jews, and Catholics also moved out of the agricultural workforce and into growing towns and cities. There, capital accumulated and the aristocrats and royals, and bishops and priests had to come hat in hand to borrow from the surplus capital acquired through industriousness.
In the final crisis of France, the King summoned the Estates General to raise revenue. However at this point the Bourgeoise were not amenable to raising taxation upon themselves while still being discriminated against by reason of their non-aristocratic blood lines. The Revolution in France was launched by the Middle Class. However, unlike America’s it became under the control of demonic philosophers like Rousseau, and took on a deadly anti-clerical anti-Church and anti-aristo as well as anti-Royalist tendencies.
The rampage against the Catholic Church by the French Revolution in France and throughout Europe in the wake of Napoleonic expansion created a reaction that was pro-Catholic, pro-Landed Aristocrat, pro-Royalist. This is the Right Wing.
It has no analogy in Anglo-American history. Our Revolutions ( the British Civil War, the American Revolution, and the American Civil War) were all movements towards the Modern Age. The Euro-Right as in Franco and Mussolini and finally Hitler sought to restore the Pre-Modern pattern of power. Though the latter two (Mussolini and Hitler) called themselves Revolutionary they were really throwbacks to an imagined Pre-Modern Age.
Blaming the ills of the Post-Modern America on “Capitalist Jewry” is quite incorrect. If the Nazis had there way they would return to a Pre-Modern age. However there is no Pre-Modern America! America is the nation born of the Modern Age and with Great Britain, the cause of the Modern Age throughout the world. The only true revolution in all human history was the Middleclass Capitalist Revolution that occurred in Britain and Northwestern Europe. The restoration of the American Constitution with its Modernist principles represents the only path back to the original American ideals. Since America IS the Modern, these Nazis cannot restore a pre-modern order that NEVER WAS.  The middleclass Is American, and America is the Middleclass.

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