They Made College Sex a Federal Case!–politics.html
Title IX of the Education Department? The only assault is the anal sodomy perpetrated by this Feral Gubmint! The PRIVATE Universities or even the States’ U’s are not mentioned anywhere in the powers given the Federal Government by the US Constitution.
I imagine they claim that if feral-guarantied Student Loans are provided the students, the universities must “toe the line”.  And if it were not The Federal Government it would be reasonable to affirm the adage that “he (or “she”; we are after all, all PC now) who pays the piper calls the tune”.  
Will one University simply refuse to deal with Federal backed Student Loans? Oh how they will HOWL if one dared. That would be “depriving” the children of the middle class of their “right” to an Ivy League indoctucation.  So here we have a first stab at calling the tune.  Of course no one supports Sexual Assault.  So who will argue against the sense of this probe?  Not the main stream media, that is for sure!  The inability to parse the subtlety involved, precludes the trendy “J-School” ju~uh~urn~nal~l~lists (Michael Savage sneering tone) from even considering the ends-and-means question.    
This is an example of the tactics of creeping national tyranny. Establish an unconstitutional boon, in this case federal-backed Student Loans. Allow the manipulation of the “free” market to work its magic. Watch as a price bubble grows. (Recall the Federal Mortgage Guarantees that magically transformed high risk loans into essentially US Treasury backed bonds.) Let the bubbling price increases increase the middle class’ dependence upon the guaranteed Federal Loans. And presto: the private institutions of Universities become vassals of the Department of Education; lovingly crushed in its new Private-Public miscegenation.  
And now PC-inspired guidelines will no doubt require recitation of some inane new-speak formula between drunk teenage rabbits prior to copulating.  “I have the right to stop this sexual transaction at any time for any reason.  I ___________ (name and student ID number) am granting _________ (name and student ID number) the privilege of placing _________ (specific body parts) on, or in _______ (specific body parts).  This privilege is mutually agreed to expire in one hour from its initiation. Further transaction will require an updated agreement.  I ______(name, student ID number) hereby affirm I am not intoxicated, high, drunk, blotto, wasted, ripped, tipsy, bombed, buzzed, flying, tripping, plastered, sloshed, or smashed, fried or baked, in my cups, feeling-no-pain.”

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