ROME June FIFTH 1944: D-Day as in Dead-End Day

On this the 70th Anniversary of Operation Overlord, the operation that has taken the generic term “D-Day” for itself, I feel not as much pride as a disturbing question of “WHY?”
Why did thousands of boys have to be landed on a hostile beach against the best army in the world? Why, when we already had landed in Europe a year earlier? If not for Stalin and his helpful moles in Washington we might recall June 5, 1944 as a Big Day.
On June 5, 1944, the day before the “Second Front” was launched, the actual second front had liberated Rome. If instead of weakening the Allied forces in Italy for D-Day, we might well have seized the Po Valley of northeastern Italy.
Many voices, including Eisenhower’s (at first) and Churchill’s (right up to nearly the last moment of debate) spoke against the landings in northwestern Europe. The conquest of the Po River valley in northeastern Italy would have brought Allied Air Power to within easy range of the Reich. A thrust up through Austria would have been a dagger into the heart of Nazidom.
Cui bono? WHO BENEFITED from D-Day? 
Answer: the USSR! The USSR and its myriad agents in the FDR regime (Alger Hiss, Henry Dexter White, probably even Harry Hopkins the “co-president [who actually lived in the White House and sat in on most meetings with FDR]) had been hysterically DEMANDING a “Second Front”. The American Communist Party demanded US neutrality in regard to WW2 up to the instant that Hitler invaded the USSR. On a dime the actual agents of influence and their useful idiots as one screamed for US war matériel.
Stalin, recall had signed the nonaggression pact with Hitler. We are never reminded that WW2 began not only with the German invasion of Poland, but in concert with the Soviet invasion of Poland as well.
Instantly after Pearl Harbor US planes were delivered to the besieged Soviets. Gen. MacArthur trusting in Washington’s assurance that help was on the way, had regiments building landing strips for the expected assistance. Alas, that assistance was unavailable. Harry Hopkins head of Lend-Lease made sure that the USSR had precedent over the US Army in the Philippines!
The shrill demand for the second front against Germany was relentless. The Left, the Intellectuals, the Useful Idiots, Hollywood all played their role in persuading the American people that Stalin was no longer the ruthless dictator of a nation pledged to world revolution. Nope, now he was Uncle Joe, a liberal man of the people. (Puke puke.)
Even when a Second Front erupted in Africa it was not counted as “THE” Second Front.
Yet nevertheless a Second Front had raged from Libya to Egypt and back several times. Rommel’s Afrika Corps duked it out with the British 8th Army ultimately under Montgomery. Monty’s force would link up with a second huge Anglo-American force. Operation Torch, the Anglo-American invasion of West Africa (Morocco and Algeria) was not a day at the beach for many American soldiers and sailors. No, the Vichy French fought hard at places. One of the few battleship-to-battleship exchanges of WW2 occurred off a West African port: a French battleship vs. an American. The first American blood shed in the European theater was drawn by Vichy French!
But to the point, in regard to this day, the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion it is necessary to point out that there already was a SECOND FRONT. From North Africa, Operation Husky landed on Sicily. After bloody fighting the Anglo-American allies pacified the island and invaded Italy proper. 
If the Western Allies would have exploited the Italian front, the War would be won BEFORE the Red Army conquered and replaced the Third Reich with the Workers’ Paradises.

For further angst if you dare, research Operation Snow.



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