America is being LOOTED from under us! Anti-American corporate globalists are deliberately impoverishing our nation!

WHY? We, the USA are the ONLY nation constructed consciously and rationally by the Middle Class. We have no Landed Aristocracy; no hereditary Monarchy, no parasitical Clergy, and very little peasantry. (Southern chattel slavery, the most egregious example of peasantry was destroyed in the final installment of the 300-year Civil War of the English-speaking world, i.e. the American Civil War. Sharecropping remains a small but miserable occupation of a proto-peasantry.)

The Three P’s of Princes, Priests and Peasants have never accepted defeat. They burn to restore their PRE-MODERN system in which LAND was far and away the greatest source of wealth production. Land is limited. It is a zero sum game. No one wins without someone losing. Thus those who would rule with POWER prefer Land-based wealth.

When Capital superseded Land in importance in the production of wealth is when the Modern Age began. The British Civil Wars (the English Civil War of Puritan capitalists against Peasants lead by Princely Priestly monarchists; the American Revolution, and the American Civil War) resulted in the supremacy of Capital above Land. Because the Anglophone World reached this point before any other, we gained global hegemony.

BUT THE OLD FOE has never rested. They still manipulate the Peasants to do the will of the Princes and Priests. Of course, now it is not actual princes and priests with whom we struggle. But the Academic Left with its Statist Orthodoxy surely represents the role of the Pre-Modern Priestly class. The aristocracy of “pull”, these “altruistic rectifiers of inequality” represent the Princes of yore. We do not have Peasants, however, their P is replaced by the artifical collection called the People.   Their Post-Modern world is merely new garments for the Pre-Modern. The Modern Age is going down as if a sole flickering candle sputtering in a nocturnal gale.
That is the “WHY?”
The “HOW?”: their attack is as multifarious as nefarious. They seek to control every transaction involving money. Money is the circulating blood cells of Capital. It has always been presumed that one who possesses money owns it. But no longer is this true.
Since the Governments at all levels claim a fee to use money (a “tax”) it becomes clear that the State owns all of the money within its jurisdiction. Capitalism is all about transactions. In effect the State treats the flow of money through its system as a water wheel does the current. Therefore the 3P’s support high flow economies. To create more flow, they place dams at strategic places to create reservoirs, which can drive their wheels. It is this arbitrary damming that creates Princes. And it is the Princes that create dams.
Thus the Princes and Priests in the name of the “People” are doing everything they can to increase the flow of capital
.   The goal to which the Capital will be harnessed, whether profitable or not, good or not is less important than the mere movement. The harder Capitalists work the greater the flow of money the greater the power generated by the Statist Waterwheel and the greater power they have to “rectify the inequality of the People”.
A fiat currency allows the 3P’s to increase the current flow whenever desired. Print more money, lower the cost to lease the money and await the power surge flowing through the spinning mills. It matters little to the rulers how much the money is worth way down stream where we live! It has done its job by spinning the Statist generator.
The diminishment of the value of the money down here appears as higher prices. Higher prices make more People dependent upon the Princes. The Priests construct theologies (“the narrative”) to convince the Peasantry/People. The Peasantry marches off to battle the foes of the Princes and Priests as in days of old. Only, this battle occurs on Election Day. The clever Priests keep the Peasantry in a state of anger. Their anger is always kept at a low boil, however the threat of Mau-Mau violence erupting in “the Minority Street” is implied.

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