Rolling Stone’s Red Texas Field Survey Part 1

I knew I should not read Mark Benelli’s

Rolling Stone article. The title alone pushes my buttons!

“Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas” at least is a fair warning that the writer is a sophomoric rhetorician, and given that his employer is Rolling Stone Magazine it is not a far leap to guess he is a trendy, leftist, and post-Modern.
In regard to the title: It is the left’s rhetorical technique to place the point they want to establish as a “given” in their opening statement. So a headline or title that might have read: “HAVE RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS TAKEN OVER TEXAS?” or simply “Right-Wing Extremists Have Taken over Texas” instead says: “How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas.” Of the two alternative headlines, the first simply asks a question. The possibility exists that either they have or have not “taken over Texas”.   The meat of the article will address the question. The second potential headline/title blatantly and honestly confront one with the stark statement of a fact. However, the honest statement is much easier to dismiss as nonsense. “Right-Wingers Have Taken Over Texas” might be expected to share the page with “Aliens Impregnated My Wife“. In other words, the latter would have been dismissed out of hand, and left unread. By getting us to think about, “how the right-wingers took over Texas”, we are led to bypass the critical question if whether or not this is so!
With great reluctance, as perhaps the sewer man feels upon taking a last breath of fresh air before plunging down into the morass, we begin.
The big picture is that this is an exotic travelogue. To Mark Binelli of Rolling Stone this is his journey to Ixtlan, with barbecue. He is as a travel writer reporting on a strange and exotic culture.
From the beginning of his article his first free association with Texas is of course “Chainsaw Massacres”. That and The Alamo probably account for the majority of his Texas-lore.
His sense of departure from the normal world is revealed throughout these pages in various observations. He comes tootling up to Jimmy Smith’s ranch, on the Texas side of the Texas-Oklahoma border, butting up against the Red River.

The Gathering of the American Patriot, in Burkburnett, on Jimmy Smith’s ranch is the remote and exotic habitat in which he will study these Red Texans.


Benelli admits to thinking that tootling up to The Gathering in a rental Prius was not a good idea. He surely is lying writing “in hindsight not the greatest choice for first impressions”. The writer for Rolling Stone was weaned on Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo journalism. Showing up at a red-blooded patriotic Second Amendment gathering in a rented red Prius is exactly the image this alien from Yuppiedom wished to create. (If I am wrong I will apologize.)
His snide “neutral” commentary begins immediately.
“If nearly everyone present hadn’t also been heavily armed, it would have felt like a low-key rock festival. A guy in a polo shirt and stonewashed jeans, sipping from a Big Gulp, walks by with a scoped rifle on his back. A woman wearing a mesh Lane Bryant top, a semiautomatic hanging from a shoulder strap, stands beside a bored-looking six-year-old poking around in the dirt with a stick.”  Are you taking notes? It might be useful to do so as the trite stereotypes unroll from his travelogue. Big Gulp: what is it with New Yorkers that large servings of soft drinks are so worthy of comment? You get the Lane Bryant dig? Lane Bryant is a clothing store catering to larger women. A “bored-looking six-year old poking around in the dirt”: who agrees that his editor asked him to add, “looking”? “Bored-looking”: because he cannot know for sure if the boy is bored or not. The image is meant to be reminiscent of dustbowl, impoverished white folk or Appalachia. How different the picture might be of a “content-looking six-year old using a stick to draw shapes and letters on the ground”?


He notes [A] group of bikers hung out near a long white banner decorated with a pointing Uncle Sam and the words ‘OBAMA YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT’. Benelli does not get out much beyond his comfort zone. The first thought that occurred was “so?” Is it news to our reporter that there are people who honestly believe those words? Or is it news that there are those who “dare” to do so openly?

Next he confronts a creature that ancient seafarers might have drawn as a neck-less humanoid on their map. It is a Jew. A Jew in the midst of a band of Red Texans: like “OMG! Right?”

Wolf has a Star of David tattooed on his shoulder and a verse from the Torah written in Hebrew on his back. He’s retired military, originally from southeast Texas – so close to Louisiana that his accent sounds almost Cajun – and he’s wearing a JEWISH HEROES OF THE CONFEDERACY muscle shirt celebrating Judah Benjamin. When I ask who Judah Benjamin was, Wolf gazes at me with thinly veiled disgust.  

A friend of a friend, a physician had never heard of Ayn Rand. Ignorance in high places is no longer a surprise.   And perhaps depth of knowledge of American History is not to be expected any longer even in college graduates? But Wolf is correct in “Secretary of war under the Confederacy. You don’t know that?” Wolf shakes his head morosely. “Most Jews don’t know that. Most Jews don’t know what the Yankees did to us during the Civil War. And now everyone hates us for this gun-control thing…” Most Jews do not know that Benjamin Judah was essential in floating credit to the South. And even fewer may know about U. S. Grant’s General Order 11.

In 1862, Grant’s Army of the West was trying to capture Vicksburg. This was the last Confederate city that linked the eastern states with the western across the Mississippi. In addition our Union strategy included blocking the South’s export of cotton. Cotton was the South’s sole source of foreign credit. However Lincoln and the North needed cotton too. So there were actually licensed sellers and buyers of Confederate Cotton for US greenbacks. Where there is buying and selling, it is true, that one is likely to find Jews engaged. Thus General Order 11:

  1. The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the Department [of the Tennessee] within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.
  2. Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters.
  3. No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application of trade permits.
    Signed by US Grant, but canceled from above almost immediately

Of course Wolf is disgusted! Here is this trendy New Yorker writer for Rolling Stone whose every cell is emitting disdain for the whole Gathering, and is ignorant yet judgmental.  


Why do Trendies think they are so clever? Benelli thinks he can pass himself off as merely a neutral observer? That is doubtful.   “American Patriots like Wolf, excited by concerns both real and obviously paranoidrevolving around gun rights, land rights, the surveillance state, genetically modified food and assorted other “liberty issues” – have come to this field to make their voices heard.”

His disdain is palpable! His use of quotes around “liberty issues” demonstrates the Left’s beliefs that the issues that so energize Tea Party types are false: that they are codes to be “deconstructed” to reveal their inherent white supremacist nature. Thus finding a Jew amongst these folks is like discovering a family of Swamp People living in the next door in your apartment at East 82nd St and First Ave! “OMG! Right?”

I couldn’t have put it any better myself. They don’t know; that’s the problem. After nearly six years of pumping out cynical horror stories involving our nefarious president and a Washington bureaucracy run amok, the right-wing fear machine has managed to reduce its target audience to a quivering state of waking nightmare, jumping at shadows. Yes Mr. Mark Benelli we are KNOW-NOTHINGS, yet it is you who did not know of Benjamin Judah, nor US Grant’s Order 11!
A Washington …run amok? Why, yes! We as a nation must apologize to Richard Nixon! Belated statues and schools named in his honor are needed to make amends! For if Obama gets away with: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, the VA, collapse of the southern border, threats to use and actual use of Executive Orders to enact the laws that he demands Congress to pass, and all the rest, Nixon’s missing 18 minutes of tape is laughable.

The scene is set: in the depths of Red Texas. Now the actors are brought into the light. “Three days after the rally, Republican primary voters in Texas overwhelmingly chose ultraconservative Houston talk-radio host Dan Patrick as their nominee for lieutenant governor.”

Are there any “ultra-radical leftists” in Rolling Stone’s Universe?  We are told breathlessly that if he wins in the fall he will be one of the most reactionary figures to hold a statewide office anywhere in the country!   “Reactionary”: who even uses such language anymore? The many terms spittled about by the chattering classes derived from the French and then Russian Revolution make no sense or nonsense in the American context!
America has no mythic past to which true Fascists might point. There has been only the ONE UNIQUE revolution in all of history. And that is the Revolution by which the Middle Class created, built, populated, made work its own nation-state.   There can be no “Reaction” because there was never an entrenched aristocracy, clergy and monarchy. Now were their peasants. Thus there was no revolution against the established classes. No revolution, and so there is no reaction.   The only revolution is the one being waged against us by Obama and his thuggish party.   And since it has not triumphed there is nothing yet to react to. YET! And it is because of Gatherings such as this one in Texas that there will never have to be a Reactionary effort to restore our Liberal (classic sense, and we must reclaim our word) Republic.

It is touching the compassion this ethnographer evinces. “This was supposed to be the year Texas turned blue, or at least purple, the year female and Hispanic voters turned out in droves and carried Democrat state Sen. Wendy Davis to the governor’s mansion. Battleground Texas, a group founded last year with the bold goal of transforming Texas into a swing state, targeted the swelling Latino population, which by 2020 is projected to overtake the white population of Texas.
There are so-called “Establishment Republicans” especially those who hectored us to read this benighted article who become heated about “national Tea Party groups” having the nerve (the noyve I tell ya!) to “intrude” into State and Local politics. Yet when dedicated enemies of America do so in spades, there is… what is that sound? Oh, it was a pin dropping! “Battleground Texas” is openly a race-baiting attempt to enroll enough registered voters whose sheer numbers will make massive voting fraud impossible to detect. Why would anyone but a traitor and without dramatics? It is treason to actively work for the overthrow of English-speaking, Protestant-leaning (in sociology not theology), European-based America. And these people do it openly, proudly, and confidently.
The Democrat nominee for Texas governor, Wendy Davis’ seat in the State house is now in contention. The left and the establishment GOP (apparently) disparage the Republican Tea Party candidate for defining herself as “a life long Christian [sic]”. Yes, they left out a hyphen, sick. Can her campaign come out of this grammatical faux pas? Not if the RhINO’s and Democrats can help it! Konnie Burton has been done in by a missing hyphen.


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