Anti-Zionists are Anti-Semites

Balochistan-Map-1024x901 poster-peoples-big
Anti-Zionists that are not evidently motivated against other “oppressor” nations must be considered anti-Semites.

It would seem to an observer from a distant planet that the Arab people living within the borders of Israel are the sole people without a nation state.
The vociferousness of the BDS movement (to boycott, divest and sanction Israel) is often deafening. Their stridency has made Jewish students on college campuses fearful for their very physical safety. The anti-Zionists claim to harbor neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Jewish sentiment.
I believe the anti-Zionists are in fact anti-Semites. The only question is whether all of them are honest with themselves about it.
I propose an experiment to help distinguish between the Anti-Zionists and the anti-Semites. If the anti-Zionists are truly only opposed to what they consider the unjust treatment of the Arabs they refer to as “Palestinians” then their sense of moral outrage would be equally aroused at the “plight” of other minority populations deprived of “all important” nation state status.
The “Palestinians” are not by a long shot the only minority people with aspirations of nationhood! They are the unique in that their alleged “oppressors” are Jews.
Anti-Zionists that are not evidently motivated against other “oppressor” nations must be considered anti-Semites.
The following list (from Wiki) includes those whose oppressors are not Jews. The silence on campuses and in the UN is deafening.

Tamils, a majority in southern India, on Sri Lanka they are a Hindu minority in a Buddhist majority state.  They are concentrated in the northwest of the island and are denied their own state.
Kurds, an ancient people.  Saladin was a Kurd.  Some Kurds believe they are the descendents of the Medes.  Whatever their ancient history is, they are a stateless people spread through eastern Turkey, Northern Syria and Iraq, and Northwestern Iran.  They have been persecuted for their refusal to surrender their national aspirations.
Balochi Baluchistan is that region of Pakistan that bulges westward from the Indus and separates Afghanistan from the Indian Ocean.  There has been a low-grade chronic smoldering drive for independence from Pakistan.
Occitan occupied by France.
Andalusians occupied by Spain.
Uyghur are ethnically similar to Tajiks.  They are Muslims in the far west of China.  Ethnic Hans, the majority Chinese have been “encouraged” to move into this region in order to dilute the Islamic presence.  There has been significant bloodshed and persecution of the Uyghurs by the Peoples Republic of China.
Catalonians occupied by Spain; like Andalusia and Basque land.

Catalonian Flag BDS Spain? Catalonian Flag BDS Spain?

Circassians an unrecognized nationality within Russia.
Tatars see above.
Quebecois, are the descendents of the original French colonists in Canada.  When is Canada going to start their peace process towards a two state solution?
Walloons in Belgium
Chechens, Russia again.
Hawaiians: Hawaii was a sovereign kingdom before its state was overthrown by Americans.

Hawaii Flag Hawaii Flag

Sami (Laplanders)
France, again.

Corsica Corsica


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