The Journalist’s Lament: Yes, There is an American Culture!

This is more than a critique of individual journalists, but is more to do with the destruction of the underlying sense of an actual American Culture. The American Nation as we know it, English-speaking, capitalist, Lockean-Liberal, Protestant-ethic (not theologically, necessarily), Middle Class (not a wealth category but a state of mind, regarding a non-agricultural means of wealth production, based on capital, skill-learning, thrift, sobriety, stability of family structure… ) is under attack by those who claim that we are that which never existed and never could be: a State without a nation.

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This is an article in the NY Times Aug. 8, 2016. HERE.   It purports to be a handwringing mea culpa confessing the predicament of the tortured soul of the professional Journalist in reporting on Donald Trump.
Why is there an issue? There is an issue because the very philosophic underpinnings of J-School make opposition to Trump a baked-in conclusion. How so? I shall attempt to explain.
The Golden Rule of J-School is OBJECTIVITY. The Journalist presumes his view is objective. But to be truly objective one must be in a vantage point above the level upon which the news happens.
J-school is the ultimate expression of the post-Modern education philosophy. And that is the effort to demonstrate that all societies are built upon arbitrary cultural symbols, whether sounds, letters, pictures, body language, facial expression and so on. But since J-school is essentially a Western phenomenon and in our case an…

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