Am I the only Messianic Jew that supports Trump, resists the NWO, supports Israel and pro MAGA, replies and rebuts anti-Semites and leftists?

First the Jews were “cosmopolitan” internationalists. They opposed nationalists in order to create a global banking system. Bad Jews.
Now we have our own nation, Israel. We are nationalists. Israeli nationalists are Zionists, oops Bad Jew.

FAKE?   The anti-Semites have convinced themselves that we aren’t real Jews!  The old Khazar story again.  Yes there were a Turkic people that were converted to Judaism presumably by a group of male Jews in trading posts on the Black Sea.
The vast majority of Jews in Eastern Europe, however were there at the invitation of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth.  Large towns of Jews from France and Germany especially from the Rhineland availed themselves of the invitation. They left en masse for points east.  It gets tiring playing Hide or Die with ones’ neighbors. We were real enough in 1933-1945 to get the full treatment by the Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and all their lovely volkisch fiendish friends. 

Our issue is with Post-Modern Leftist Globalists. Or at least it should be!  There are secular Jews as there are secular or lapsed Catholics or whatever. A major component of Judaism is the Hope for the Messianic Age. Former or mere nominal Christians too hoped for the Messianic Age. But loss of faith has directly caused loss of pride in the West. The loss of faith in the Messianic Age or in the Resurrection has forwarded the hope in Marxist materialist utopia.

I hope decent people will not see this as a Jewish problem but rather as the problem with Post Modern secularism. I hate to feel I must give Jewish names as examples of true anti-globalist and anti-Leftist views. Mark Levin (not as anti NWO as I am but as far as opinions of internal American policy, good. (Good Jew.) Andrew Breitbart (RIP). Dennis Prager. https://www.prageru.com/

Think twice about condemning Israel. The Arab problem is EXACTLY the same as our Hispanic problem. They both believe the border crossed them, not the reverse. But indeed it was not until the Yankees built the dams that irrigated the lands, and powered the air conditioners did the cities of the Southwest boom. This expanding economy drew in cheap labor from Mexico.
Same with the Turkish province of Palestine. It was a dusty, nearly empty land. See Mark Twain on his travels. European Zionists from Eastern Europe gradually trickled down. They learned modern agricultural technology and employed it. After WW1 the British Mandate tried to limit the numbers of Jews but nevertheless the European national sport of the Running of the Jews remained very popular between the wars and reached its epitome under Hitler. The Jews created a green land, drained swamps irrigated deserts, and low skill labor was sucked in from what is now Syria.
They Arabs in Israel and Hispanics in America crossed our borders. The borders did not cross them.

Maybe I will be the only one.  The Left I despise.  As a Messianic Jew I do not discuss religion with religious Jews.  Secular Jews are Leftist.  The anti-Semitic Conservatives are starting to come out from under the rocks.
I support AMERICA, ISRAEL, the Bible, the West, and oppose globalism, secularism anti-Zionism,  If I stand alone SO BE IT!



Border Crossers




“You Didn’t Build That!”

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