“Mad as an Albright” a new adage?


Will We Stop Trump
Before It’s Too Late?

Fascism poses a more serious threat now than
at any time since the end of World War II.

Another Sunday, another NY Times Opinion Piece, that surprisingly places all the blame for all the trouble of the world squarely on Trump’s back.  Shocked, I am.  Shocked.
Well, I thought Madelyn was Halfbright, but nope, Mad is Notbright at all.
Where does one begin unpacking this tangled brain emission: ***The raw anger that feeds fascism is evident across the Atlantic in the growth of nativist movements opposed to the idea of a united Europe, including in Germany, where the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland has emerged as the principal opposition party. The danger of despotism is on display in the Russia of Vladimir Putin — invader of Ukraine, ; accused political assassin, brazen liar and proud son of the K.G.B. Putin has just been re-elected to a new six-year term, while in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a ruthless ideologue, is poised to triumph in sham balloting next month. In China, Xi Jinping has persuaded a docile National People’s Congress to lift the constitutional limit on his tenure in power.***

“Raw Anger”? Is it abnormal for a nation, a people to eventually become angry when it seems despite their desires their governments continue to flood them with third world immigrants?
That a former Sec. of State can with a straight face call Putin “invader of Ukraine” is so ignorant of history as to be unfit for any State Dept job? Moscow became the feudal guardian of the Cossack Hetmanate upon their plea for protection against the Catholic Poles to the north, Ottomans to the south and Tartars (Mongols) in Crimea in 1653. If Putin is invader of Ukraine then is Jefferson the “invader of Louisiana Territory”?
Was the Imperial Czarist Empire in 1917 or the Soviet Union in 1941 too unsavory for our help in both world wars? The Czar and the Chairman both ruled Ukraine. And yet we sent the first batch of US bombers out of the arsenal of democracy not to the Philippines where GIs were preparing runways in the jungle, but to the USSR!
“Proud son of the KGB” so? Wasn’t George HW Bush the proud son of the CIA? Do we despise other nations having their own patriots, their own men who seek the strengthening and respect of their great nations?
In the same breath Notbright attaches Venezuela to the list of “fascist” regimes? She does know that Hugo Chávez’s “bold step forward toward socialism” like Galt’s 20th Century Motors brought the whole structure down like a house of cards. Has the old lady (half lady?) perceived any Trump move towards supporting the Socialist Shithole of Venezuela? No.
And for the sake of completeness in her lunacy, she places the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping in the ranks of fascism?

Mad NotBright, we are not a banner of Democracy! We are not the enforcer or engine of the Globalist Statists. We neither seek to passively accept our deindustrialization as Agenda 21 and other New World Order plans had planned, nor do we wish to strap on our sword and buckler like a New World Don Quixote to force Moscow back into the borders imposed during the weakness of the Post Could War era. Have we learned nothing? Hitler rode on German rage that the allies pushed Germany’s borders back leaving large ethnic German populations under foreign rule. Ukraine and Russia have been so thoroughly linked that much of Ukraine’s population is part Russian. And pure Russian. Russia ruled this area from 1653 until 1989. IN that unipolar moment what did the USA do? We moved eastward into former Warsaw Pact states. And then when the Ukrainians elected a pro-Moscow prime minister a Soros-funded color-revolution, the Maidan Uprising backed a coup d’etat imposing a pro-EU government. After Brexit, what is the EU but Greater Germany? Once more the poor bloody ground between Russia and the European Hegemon (Germany twice, Napoleon’s France once) will become the perfect flat battleground for massive armies to maneuver and destroy all around them.
What else did Daddy Bush do during our Unipolar moment? He roped-a-dope Saddam Hussein. His ambassador to Iraq actually told Saddam that as far as Iraqi-Kuwait disputes over oil production is of no interest to the US. He had April Glaspie our Ambassador to Iraq essentially give Saddam a Green-light. Saddam took the bait and the US had casus belli to finally put the Persian Gulf under direct US control. All the problems of the current world are traced to George HW Bush

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