NO TO WWIII WITH RUSSIA: sick of being played!

Russia is not in expansionist mode. They are, if anything in a situation not very different from that of Germany at Versailles after WW1.
Someday historians may well write that the Russians did not lose a single battle on their own territory yet lost the Cold War. This is what Germans said of WW1. The German army was never defeated on German soil.
And its defeat resulted in the dismemberment of the German Empire. Germans, who had been part of the majority in pre-war Germany were minorities in the new states carved out of the Hapsburg and German Empires: Czechoslovakia, Poland, parts of Lithuania (Memel). The Germans surrendered because Wilson promised a JUST settlement. But he could not deliver it. The French especially, and Britain wanted reparations.
When the Soviet Empire fell during George H.W. Bush’s presidency, he spoke sweetly to Gorby agreeing that NATO would not move eastward into the void left by the Russian retreat. But rather than sowing seeds for future stability he and Clinton moved NATO eastward.
(Also GHW Bush took advantage of that unipolar moment to Rope-A-Dope named Saddam Hussein. His ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie gave Saddam a green light to invade Kuwait. And that justified Poppa Bush’s risk-like move: three into the Persian Gulf from America. The entire disaster of the Middle East is placeable at GHWB’s feet.)

How dare the USA seek to keep Russia penned up in the borders resultant from the Soviet Collapse? If during the US Civil War, say Britain invaded the Oregon Territory. The day after Appomattox you can bet an Army of Blue and Gray would be marching together to retake the Oregon Territory and all of Canada to boot!
The sanctions placed on Russia over Ukraine are asinine. If sanctions were placed on the US after retaking Oregon territory would we back down? Not any RED BLOODED AMERICAN would! Crimea was Russified after a 200 year period of wars with Ottoman Turks, the Crimean War against Turkey, France and Britain. A bitter battle for Sevastopol was fought with France and Britain, and 100 years later with the Wehrmacht. It is Russia’s window into the Black Sea and thus the Mediterranean and to the entire world. It is to Russia as say Pearl Harbor was to the USA. Would sanctions force us to leave Pearl Harbor? Never.
Now, who are we protecting? Cui bono? The EU and US Globalist interests launched the coup d’etat that removed the legally elected premier of Ukraine. He was pro-Russian. Ukraine is populated by millions of Russians and millions of mixed Russian-“Ukraine” marriages. Kiev in the west is drawn to the EU. And the EU seeks to incorporate Ukraine into its territory.
The EU after Brexit is merely Germany’s sock puppet. Russia is not going to allow Berlin another crack at its breadbasket. Twice in a century is enough. Besides, what will the EU be? Will it be Eurabia, an apostate Chrislam continent? Why do we assume Greater Germany (Groß Deutschland) is OUR ally? Were we ever on the same side in any war with Germany? From the Hessians in the Revolutionary War to the World Wars of the 20th century, NO.
The Globalists now control the EU and China. This can be seen as analogous to the German-Japanese pact only writ large. Putin is that nasty old nationalist demanding to make Russia great again. America was supposed to passively go down the path the elite had chosen for us. BUT that darn CONSTITUTION got in the way. We the PEOPLE elected Trump because we like America being sovereign in America. We want to make America Great Again, too!
These clever elite didn’t get to their positions of power by being fools. So what to do? If America refuses to be ridden like a War Horse by the EU-China Axis how about we pit Russia against America?
Russia and America are natural allies. BOTH of us are of European civilization but are not European. Both of us have frequently been forced to work together against the European hegemon du jour. First it was Great Britain but now the USA has inherited Britain’s role as the natural foe of any continental European hegemon: along with Russia.
Russia is the other white meat superpower! Moscow may smile in its alliance with Beijing, but no one could be truly happy with a rising superpower a billion strong across a very, very long border. Far better is an ally an ocean away.
Trump, I had hoped would play the Russia card as Nixon did the China card. BUT the globalists feared that. Thus Russian Collusion Delusion. Why did they pick Russia to be the colluder? Why not China? Because the EU-China is the new Axis.  The Collusion Delusion is an attempt at forcing Trump’s hand to be tough on Moscow.  If this is the case, despite my great support of Trump he must resign.  We cannot allow the NWO to paint us into a corner with Putin and a world war.  Pence is not tarred with the Russian Delusion.  If it is a choice between Trump being steered by Bolton and the neo-cons into WW3 just to disprove any Russian collusion we must choose Pence.   It is only for the US Britain and Russia to awaken and see that the Krauts are gonna do it again!

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