John Locke’d & Loaded

Is the Constitution binding? John Adams wasn’t just bloviating when he wrote ”Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Even more important than the words “moral and religious people” is the indefinite article “A”. Our Constitution was made only for A People. Here is why: The Constitution was based upon John Locke’s optimistic enlightened philosophy as opposed to Hobbes’ Divine Right of Kings. Hobbes believed that without “a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that conditions called war; and such a war, as if of every man, against every man. The state of Nature in Hobbe’s mind is “…no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and, which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Locke was far more optimistic. See box below.
Locke assumed that the large majority of social cohesion arises organically. The morés or norms are found in the culture. Until very recently most Americans never had the pleasure of having to hire a lawyer. Most of our behavior was determined by our sense of right and wrong. How often did people consult the legal code? Rarely. How this is possible is that Society organically creates (or IS) order. The Constitution was constructed for an organically created society of rational men and women working together to improve the lot of all in order to improve their own particular lot. The designated powers of the Federal Government are very few. And it was possible because all Americans behaved in an orderly manner based on social custom. Only a tiny percentage of society’s codes were written. We required little government because our Anglo-Saxon culture esteemed individual liberty, and private property. But there are those who seek to impose their “better” systems on the rest of us. They know that it requires coercion to force the masses into allowing the intellectual “vanguard of revolution” to lead its into a ”golden age”. This requires a far more intrusive government. And in turn that requires the demolition or “deconstruction” of the unwritten codes of behavior. It is for instance not “homophobia” responsible for the anger towards gay marriage but rather the concept that the State has coopted the power to reach upward to change the culture, when it was the culture that created the State. The Left has made America ungovernable by liberal (classic) philosophy. And it is their dream to destroy the relevancy of the Constitution. The Left has weaponized the State. The State which was merely a veneer overlying the Nation has now become the enemy of the Nation. The politicization of bathrooms for example the politicization of everything is part of the State’s war to replace Nation with government. The Globalists in Europe seek to bring Muslims into every European nation. Why? Why: to diminish the differences between say Italy and Denmark, Spain and Sweden. And the Left’s fixation on more and more Hispanic and Muslim migration is the American equivalent of an attack on the NATION!Locke mini

On Dogs and Tea


***Li Yongwei, a Yulin resident in his 40s, said dog was the same as any other meat. “You shouldn’t force people to make choices they don’t want to make, the way you wouldn’t force someone to be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim,” he said.***

Li, a budding Lockean seems not to notice that the People’s Republic Of China has no qualms about forbidding Christianity other than under the auspices of the Party-sanctioned Church.

Only a people brainwashed that they have no national culture would defend dog meat as no different than say pork . All Cultures Are Equally Arbitrary is the motto of our “multicultural youth”.
Multiculturalism cannot exist within an individual, other than in multiple personality disorders. (And even then, I wonder if there has ever been a case of such?)

Pigs are supposedly intelligent. But pigs have not evolved like dogs. Dogs have evolved extreme sensitivity to humans’ emotional cues. And their facial muscles (especially Goldens) very much express their thoughts and feelings.
So, the “west eats pork and therefore cannot protest East Asian dog-eating” is not valid.
But what if it were valid. Does the fact that cultures are comprised of arbitrary symbols, signs and ethics mean they are equally as good? “Oh”, the intilecktchuel responds “‘good’ and ‘bad’ themselves are *mere* arbitrary constructions.”
And so is language. But intilecktchuels blather on endlessly spewing syllables like birdsong never perceiving that their every utterance is *merely* an arbitrary sound, or group of squiggles on a page!

WHY DO WE ALLOW CHINESE PRODUCTS TO POUR INTO AMERICA? The Miseans (neo-confederates) argue that Free Trade is based on libertarian principles. Clearly, these are principles the Framers of the Constitution knew not. Congress is given the authority to develop trade policies viz. foreign nations.
The Free Traders then try Utilitarian argument: that if each country specializes in producing that which it does well and efficiently and trades with other countries all will benefit.
But this breaks down completely when some nations keep their workers’ wages to a bare minimum. It allows the production of nearly everything to be offered for less money.
“The choice is in our hands” i.e. we can choose to not purchase Chinese products. This is not a valid argument. The Tea in the ships at the Boston wharves were taxed minisculey. The British East India Company had created a tea glut. The taxed British tea was less expensive than the smuggled product. Human nature being what it is, and not what it’s not, will only rarely forgo immediate self interest in the interests of a better future or out of morality.
The Sons of Liberty unlike the future Sans Coulottes of the French Revolution and then the Reds of the Russian Revolution did not claim the right to “remold the world closer to the heart’s desire”. The American Revolution did not attempt to change human nature.
Taxed Tea was intolerable. Even if it were cheaper than smuggled untaxed tea. Human nature was not going to be changed by the Sons, but the temptation of the tea would be removed.
Same with claiming that Americans vote for cheap Chinese imports with their dollars. Perhaps so. But we have no qualms about outlawing various drugs because they are addictive. The product of coolie labor is addictive.
Boycott it, yes. But that is not sufficient. Destroy it at the docks is the Sons of Liberty’s way. The American way!


Post-War Europe has been doing its best to quell nationalistic expression. In the wake of Hitler and Mussolini (and Stalin, but he gets the PC pass) Europe was traumatized by the effects of pathologic patriotism. Hoping to avoid future European wars the EU project was started. The dream was to create a generic “European” loyalty shared by all the States of Europe. It is as if the differences between say Denmark and Greece were no more than those between Massachusetts and Mississippi. As much as our two states differ from one another their citizens share a language, literature, sense of history, and culture still echoing that of the Protestant Enlightenment. Not so Denmark and Greece.

Or Germany and Italy etc.

The ideal of European Union becoming a “United States of Europe” demanded the destruction of nationalism and its underlying patriotism. It was to be replaced by some vague generic “Euro” identity. Only Utopians succumb to the platonic error of believing categories are actual objects to be manipulated. Reality exists ONLY in the Particular!
It is hard for humans to take pride in a category. Once, people took pride in their own country. But that was pride in their particular country, its cuisine, its smells, its local holidays and festivals and so on. Even the merely nominal identification with a particular sect of Christianity added to the sense of belonging to “A People”; not “The People”! Men will not fight for that which they do not feel passionate. Who stands against the Muslim invaders? No “European” will stand. But, an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German will be more likely to exclaim no, non, nein to Muslim invaders.   (And for how many seconds must one wait before the well-indoctucated remind me that there are hundreds of thousands of Muslim Britons, French and Germans? When we hear of a Briton accused of beheading someone, do we think he’s Kentish, or perhaps Saxon, or maybe a Scotsman? Yes, I’m sure when we hear of a Briton accused of beheading anyone we envisage kilts, bagpipes and a very long dirk.)

For instance the various denominations of Euros are adorned with generic historic-looking bridges and other generic landmarks. From the Euro website they “depict the architectural styles from seven periods of Europe’s cultural history: Classical, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, the Age of Iron and Glass, and modern 20th century architecture. All notes depict typical elements of these periods, such as windows, gateways and bridges.” TYPICAL as opposed to ACTUAL! Is this not the great platonic lie that underlies all utopian totalitarians?

History like nature abhors a vacuum. The deliberate re-molding of European youths to attain a worldview both anti-Patriotic anti-Nationalist has created a society that has zero sense of superiority over any other culture. The de-Construction of Christian Europe was part and parcel of this War On Particulars. Thus we see the descendants of White Christian Europeans unable to recognize aliens from self. This inability to differentiate and protect self from non-self is the sine qua non of AIDS.   An entire continent has been trained to NOT SEE. Full circle:
Europe has deliberately given itself a lobotomy and AIDS!

This deliberate demand to NOT SEE particularities will prevent Europe from seeing her fate: Not See its fate. The full circle from Nazi ideology to NOT SEE ideology will destroy the new Europe.
Is Europe fated to be either Nazi or to Not See?


If only the exact and parallel analogy between the USA and our Latino threat and that of the State of Israel and their Arab threat were made clear the rising numbers of Americans proudly criticizing Israel might STFU.
There are two nations under sustained attack by an alliance of Pre-Modernists and Post-Modernists.  In other words, PRE-moderns and POST-moderns are out to destroy two nations, the USA and the State of Israel.
Let us define the Modern Age before we look at its enemies. The Modern Age accounts for a tiny sliver of world history.   One of the few new things under the sun is the Middle Class. The Middle Class is not merely defined by income levels. In reality it is not the middle rank between the Wealthy and the Poor. We here in America are prone to make this error.
Americans are all Middle Class!
Because we lack a history of feudalism we no more notice this fact than a fish notices the water.   To understand the Middle Class we must recognize its exceptional nature.
Before the early fifteenth century (an instant ago in the long view) there were only Princes, Priests and Peasants.
The Princes were the descendents of the chiefs of the last barbarian migration into a given area.   They owned almost all the tillable land. Agriculture was by far the predominant means of wealth production. Peasants or serfs worked the landlords’ lands and in return were allowed to work a certain area for themselves.
At the time the Church was the second largest landholder in Europe. The Priests acted in the same manner as the Princes in regard to their lands.
Priests and Princes also taxed the Peasants.  The Prince not only made use of the Serf’s free labor he taxed his produce. He taxed his movement of his surplus to market. However there were rarely surpluses to sell or trade.

The Priests were given their tithes, and their fees for the sacraments, and of course the labor of their serfs.
The lack of significant surpluses caused the stagnation of Europe called now, “The Dark Age”.
Two forces converged around this time in Europe that started a five hundred year boom. Not surprisingly, the first is rarely thought of as a positive. That was the Black Death. In its aftermath Europe had lost more than one third of its population. Suddenly as the survivors inherited the land that had formerly fed so many more that with little effort there were now food surpluses. With surpluses available, trade increased. A surplus of beans and wheat for instance might be swapped for the surplus of another region’s wine and cotton. Money quickly rose in importance to facilitate trade.   Clever traders were able to gather information regarding differential in prices for differing commodities and could apply that knowledge to buy low and sell high. However this occupation required self-control. The temptation to consume one’s own inventory especially of luxury items like wine was a risk. The complex prices throughout the trader’s networks required the maintenance of records and bookkeeping.
The second force was the invention of movable type, i.e. the Gutenberg press. Reading, previously restricted to the Priestly and Princely classes expanded.
The knowledge base of many trades grew. Just as traders acquired greater and greater financial acumen and information, so too did blacksmiths, printers, lawyers and physicians. And like the traders, these shopkeepers or professionals depended upon a clientele that had options, or competition. Unlike Priests and Princes these folks needed to be very protective of their good name. The requirement to forgo consuming one’s inventory, seen clearly in merchants is also active in other occupations.
As printing became common and less expensive, literacy soared. It soared especially in these new men, and their families. These shop-keeps, merchants, bankers, doctors, lawyers, dyers, bakers, pharmacists, goldsmiths all were empowered by literacy. Their Bibles were translated into their vernacular languages. They no longer depended upon Priests to teach them what the Bible said. They did not depend upon agriculture to create their wealth; the Princes had no claim to their surpluses. These were the first Bourgeois. This word, spat out by revolutionaries “Bourgeois”, merely arises from the fact that the early Middle Class was a creature of the cities and towns. (It is derived from the same “Burg” that is a suffix in the name of many towns, it means “town”.)
The successful Middle Class entrepreneurs developed all the traits we identify with the “Protestant work ethic”. It is an unfortunate name, which would be better termed the Middle Class Ethic. The traits can be listed as: thrift, sobriety, seriousness, honesty and responsibility. It valued reading and education, and frowned upon the Princely excesses of horseracing, the hunt, gambling, drinking and sexual promiscuity.
The Nobility was disgusted to discover that some Middle Class men had more wealth than they. And even more furious were they to have to come hat-in-hand for loans to maintain their lifestyle and wars.

The Priests also felt anger against these upstarts. Reading the Bible their parishioners were struck by how overly complicated and corrupted the Churches had become.
The Protestant Reformation was both cause and effect of these trends.   There developed simmering battle lines in Britain. There were two poles and many shades in between. For the sake of length the two poles were Cavalier and Roundhead. The former were the Old Guard. One may picture the England of jousts, fox hunts, horse races, Maypoles, Christmas revelry and much debauchery, i.e. Merry Old England. The “Roundheads” were the “nouveau riche”. They were the capitalists with the Middle Class Ethic described above.


Here is a key point. As British society was more and more polarized the peasants were co-opted to the Cavalier side. The High Church, with its “Smells & Bells” and retention of traditions derived from the folk paganism of the remote past, kept the loyalty of the Peasantry. The Princes and Priests used the masses to attack the Middle Class.


This is important in the peopling of America. For the moment it should be considered that Jamestown was never a healthy growth center of America. The original Jamestown immigrants were far more connected to the late medieval period than to this budding new world. Their portraits and fashions seem more similar to Spanish Conquistadors. And their demographics were the same: namely second or third sons of noble families in search of gold and treasure. They hoped to return to Merry Old England with wealth. Also significant was the near absence of women, since there was zero interest in establishing a new life in this New World.
Therefore, though Jamestown has primacy of place, it is truly to Plymouth Rock that one looks for the true founding of America. Some Puritans decided that Merry Old England was beyond purifying. These became the Pilgrims. Everything the Jamestown settlers were, the Pilgrims were the opposite. These were families coming to the New World to establish a new life devoid of Princes, Priests and Peasants.   They were highly literate. They were students of Hebrew and the Old Testament.  They likened themselves concretely not even analogously to the Israelites coming into their Promised Land.
The British Civil War finally went hot. The upshot is that the Puritans/ Roundheads won. King Charles lost his head and for a brief period England was a Republic! It was then like a heart pumping out this time Cavaliers. Refugees of Merry Old England however now with their wives and children sought refuge in the New World. This second wave of immigration into Tidewater Virginia was a true migration and not a profit seeking enterprise. The ancestors of Washington, Madison, Jefferson etc were among its number. Their society developed to resemble Merry Old England rather than New England. Nevertheless once here in America, titles, or names meant nothing. Nature is always a meritocracy. So even if originally these Virginians were Cavalier, necessity molded them into a less aristocratic society than that from which they came.

America was founded by men without titles, without any pre-existing social order. These were all Middle Class.
The only exception to the pure Middle Class nature of America was in the antebellum South. It required a second Civil War between the middle class/capitalist north, and the aristocratic slave-labor exploiters of the south.
WE ARE OF THE MODERN AGE. Rule of law, formal Constitutions, liberty, property rights are the attributes of the Modern Age.
THEY HAVE NEVER FORGIVEN US OUR INDEPENDENCE. America the only nation created consciously by for and of the Middle Class has been a thorn in the side of the Old World since independence.
The Modern Age is under assault.
There is an alliance of Pre-Moderns and Post-Moderns.
Who are Pre-Moderns?   In regard to America there are three Pre-Modern groups of concern.
1. There is a growing anti-Capitalist movement within the Tea Party that is populist. However this is tiny and unimportant compared to the Leftist anti-capitalist movement. (It is unimportant in regard to American politics, only. See below.) American Pre-modernism has regressed to the tribal-level of organization. These folks are the Jew-hating, “brave fighters” against the “Global Zionist-Conspiracy”.
2. The Hispanic Peasantry is being imported in order for the Elites to use them against the Middle Class. These folks are illiterate, used to corruption, ignorant of the rule of law and hungry. They will be used as shock troops and voters.

  1. Why are we allowing Muslims to immigrate here in their millions? I know I was not asked.   Like the Latin culture, Muslim values are alien to America. We share no common philosophical, or cultural heritage with either of these groups. The oppression of women, their chronic state of war against all non-Muslims places them in a Pre-Modern turdworld.

These are the academic elite. They are politicized to the point of totalitarianism. They have taken on the role of the Priests and Princes of Europe’s middle ages. They correctly understand that the key to the Middle Class is our access to the ownership of our own means of production.   They have moved in myriad ways but one goal is always discernable. Like guns only more so, they see allowing the production of wealth to be in the hands of private citizens as giving us too much power. They do not want to make the same mistake that the Princes and Priests made viz. the Middle Class. Recall, the Middle Class emerged by creating its own means of wealth production INDEPENDENT of the landowners. They mean to destroy those people who created this nation and who benefited it, and were benefitted by it.   “Who are you to own the goose that lays golden eggs?” They do not even want the goose. They just don’t want anyone having golden eggs.
The Marxists, the Climate Thugs, the enablers of the Hispanic Migration, the people who seem to be deliberately destroying America, are indeed acting to destroy us! We ARE the Modern Age.
Parallels between the State of Israel and the USA:
Both nations are treated as enemies of the World Community. Only the US has the ability to return to a Fortress America and lack for nothing except perhaps excess luxury.
The lesson learned by the failure of the USSR is that no single nation can become Communist so long as large areas of private property exist. Capital like water cannot be stopped from finding its outlet to the sea. So long as America remains free, our economy alone can hold as much capital as escapes from a socialist world.   The USA must cease being Free, or cease being independent. Both avenues are being pursued.
Both nations face restive pre-modern peoples at their borders and within their territory.
In both cases the primitives argue, “they did not cross the border, the border crossed them”.
Yes the USA conquered northern Mexico in the Mexican War.
Yes the Israelis conquered the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria in the Six Day War of 1967.
But what was the demographic reality at the time back in the time of Texas settlement by Americans, and of the region of the Middle East between the “river and the sea”?
In both cases the land was nearly empty. The Hispanic ideal has always been urban. The descendents of Conquistadors were satisfied with the wealth created by their serfs in the Central Valley. Ferocious Indians populated the north of the country. At this time the Indians had gained control of horses and these horse-warriors were able to stand up to most Mexican troops. The few Mexicans that settled in the north, in California, New Mexico and Arizona were atypical. Even today in northern Mexico the locals are considered fiercely independent. Just recently armed Mexican ranchers threw out all the criminal cartels operating in their region. These few hearty Mexicans ran isolated ranches in what is now the US Southwest. The Mexican Government forced all commerce to use only ports under more control of Mexico City: Vera Cruz, Tampico etc.
As Americans began entering Tejas, the Mexican central government was glad to have a new tax base. But as they increased in numbers they were less willing to be ruled from distant Mexico City. There began an independence movement of Anglos AND Mexicans of El Norte. There were several Mexicans killed in the Alamo! The Mexican People of El Norte were far more similar to Anglos than they were to ruling class in their Distrito Federal.
After the Mexican War the several states carved out of the Mexican north began to attract Anglos. Modern agricultural techniques brought more settlers. Dam projects created verdant valleys of irrigated orchards fruits vegetables of all kinds. This economic boom attracted impoverished Mexicans from the south. These were NOT the descendents of the original Mexican population of El Norte.
The advent of electricity and air conditioning allowed for the massive surge in population of cities like LA, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, San Antonia etc etc. This again attracted uneducated labor from Mexico. So many that today many make the La Raza claim that “we did not cross the border, the border crossed us”. That is a lie.
Compare this to Israel and the Arabs. There is an exact analogy between that situation and America’s!
Mark Twain wrote of the dusty backwater of the Ottoman Empire that was Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Jews from Europe began to trickle back in the 19th century equipped with modern farming techniques, and the middle class work ethic. Where a few impoverished Jews and Arabs stagnated for a millennium, a modern wealthy nation was built. They created drainage systems to create cropland in former swamps. They dug irrigation systems to make green the formerly brown desert.   They created an economy that attracted Arab laborers, much as the development of the American Southwest attracted Hispanics. No, the Arabs did not build it. No, the border did not cross them: they crossed it.

American patriots who criticize Israeli policies should reflect on the deep similarities between our modern national histories.

The Death of the West (whatever that was)

Today In London

Today In London–gJ0v-H6BQx
Migrants to Britain hoping to gain citizenship must get 75 per cent or more on the Life in the UK test, which was recently revamped to incorporate “British values” (whatever they are).”  Click link to take Britain’s citizenship test.  

IT IS THAT SNIDE “WHATEVER THEY ARE” addition that demonstrates the reason for the death of Great Britain, and for the emergence of a Little Englandistan, Scotlandistan & Walesabod, along with Eurabia as a whole. And the retreat of Anglo-America back to the Atlantic is another component.

The writer’s desire or need to use that phrase reveals a tome of truth.

Of course the Muslim immigrants in Britain, and the Hispanic in America will not assimilate! Why would they? They may have come for the economic benefits, and they may have been willing to assimilate. It was once a privilege to be allowed to become a prosperous Englishman (or is it now “Englishperson”?) or American. Who would voluntarily choose to assimilate into a culture that is proud to beat its chest in mea culpa? WHO WOULD CHOOSE TO ASSIMILATE INTO A CULTURE THAT IS PROUD OF ITS SHAME? Our societies are completely under the spell of of those who “deconstruct” our history.  We have been taught by our intilektchual elites that we have prospered only by looting the Third World of its wealth, by expropriation of the labor of “brown people”, through genocide and all in all just by being nasty-ass “white-devils”.

And apparently the writer of this little paragraph could not even allow to stand unanswered the assumption that there is any particular system of British Values.


Today in America

This has been the aim of Progressives: the deracination of culture. Nothing goes without saying. There no longer exist norms that are just presumed. What once was a question of morality has become question of taste.  And what was mere taste is elevated into morals!  For example, homosexual marriage is taste; driving a Hummer immoral.  The amazing reversal of tobacco and marijuana is yet another example. Tobacco was one’s taste, marijuana (or being in a false estate of euphoria) a moral flaw.  Now, tobacco is immoral, and whether you smoke pot is a matter of taste!  
 When everything legal is of equal acceptance, one must tolerate everything that is legal. And by the same token only legal activities are required to be tolerated!  Thus legality is no longer the default status.  Nothing is legal except that which is codified.   The only arbiter in this kind of society must be The State. When there are no unwritten cultural norms and taboos, everything must be codified.  In a democratic republic lacking Constitutional limits either the mob, or those who claim to act for the mob’s interests make the codes.  Thus some of the great names in liberal nations are Democratic Republics.  See Wiki for list!

This is TOTALITARIANISM. And the Marxist intilektchuals are aware that Totalitarianism is required for total societal transformation into the Socialist Paradise of Earth. (Imagine there’s no countries…it isn’t hard to do.)  

Plato’s Retweet: Plato’s Retreat To The Retreat of Aristotle

My first thought was “This is dancing?”

Free-style dancing. Free-style dancing.

It brought back to me all the thoughts I have had over the years at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties. When the “adults” rise to dance after being badgered by the emcees, bandleader or DJ they perform strange rhythmic motions lacking any sense of precision.

This is yet another “blessing” ma ma ma my generation has given the world: the dance floor of spastic atomized individuals.

It is troubling to realize that what we all take for granted, as normal would have been shockingly weird not just to our grandparents, or great-grandparents, but to everyone in every society that preceded us within the grand panoply of Western Civilization!
I do not begrudge President Obama the pleasantry of society on a summer’s night. It is political knavery to make an issue of his dancing while chaotic Mesopotamia descends into, well… into more Mesopotamian chaos. Communication technology to connect him to anyone anywhere anytime renders his actual locality irrelevant. I imagine FDR enjoyed society while waging WW2 across two oceans and four continents.

But it is the dancing that aroused my attention. This is the President of the United States of America. The grace of General, and then President George Washington on the dance floor is legendary. Certainly the Francophiles Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were adept at the latest European dance styles. John Adams the cranky old Puritan lacked grace but knew the steps. As probably Abraham Lincoln was able to waltz or minuet Mary Todd Lincoln clumsily yet serviceably around the inaugural balls.

There were actual dances that conformed to actual steps, which had to be learned. It is only ma-ma-ma-my ge-ge-generation that discovered that dancing must be an ecstatic Dionysian experience of release and abandonment to the throbbing music.

I recall the snide commentary about our new style dancing made by those oldsters over thirty. “Like rutting animals.” “Barbaric and tribalistic.” And surely someone with intellectual pretensions must have sniffed out loud the phrase “ecstatic Dionysian”.  We however thought they were just square.  What did they know?

So now, we the parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles at the weddings and B’nai Mitzvah parties are sat at balloon festooned tables.   With hip hop music loud enough to make even the water in the crystal glasses dance we lean forward and shout, “So I hear your new summer house was broken into?”  And the look of “what did you say?” elicits a louder repetition of the question; the question the answer of which is of minimal interest to begin with!

Strained conversation with faces seen only at similar “parties” or funerals becomes thankfully unnecessary as well as impossible, so we turn to look at the dance floor.
OMG! Could it be? It is the Bar Mitzvah girl twerking with a professional party facilitator. Didn’t she just finish telling us how important her Jewish values were going to be to her entire life? Who knew she knew how to so faithfully mime the movements of copulation? Who knew? (The trendies love to ask.)
Free-style, just moving with the music has replaced formal ballroom dancing; with the latter now becoming more of a competitive sport on a par with say ice-skating duets. Much as bicycle riding has been transformed from the means of independent transportation for kids to a dedicated activity in and of itself, the pleasure of the social dance is now just another hobby.
“Dancing” is a category, just as “Music” is a category. I personally had played around with guitars off and on for years. I wanted to learn to play the guitar. In retrospect I failed at becoming a real guitarist because I never learned to play particular songs. I erroneously believed in a Platonic category “Guitar Playing” that could be learned without learning particular songs.   This is the equivalent of dancing without any concrete form. To generalize even further, it is like the category of “Learning”, without the benefit of particular knowledge. Further it is this Platonic metaphysic that underlies most of the worst of the illiberal post-Moderns. How often do they speak, think and act as if the categories we devise have an actual existence, and can be handled as if they were physical objects?
The great debates in the political sphere are predominantly between those who treat categories as real things and those who do not: Plato vs. Aristotle. The example that comes to mind is Economics. The phrase “the economy” is the name of a category. Categorical names are mere abstractions. “The Economy” is shorthand for the entirety of all human trading; not the sum of all transactions, but all transactions, EACH one. “The Economy” is not a real thing. All the debate about using Government to effect the Economy is but Platonic scribbling. It is dangerous to confuse categories with particular objects that have an independent existence. There has never been a time when I desired to do an economic transaction. If I waited until I felt like it I would be waiting as long as I waited to learn guitar without playing particular songs. The Economy does not exist outside of my deciding to buy a quart of milk.
I don’t care if the President is dancing. It is a matter of “optics”. And “optics” in this new political sense is by definition form over substance. It is pathetic that the Media now demand the President to mind his optics!
I do care that the President appears to be as casual as a beachgoer on the dance floor. The conceit that one can dance IN GENERAL without bothering to learn the particular steps (upon which of course, individual expression may embellish within certain parameters) is the Plato in the President.
Plato is the father of mysticism.  In our time he is the father of Marx.  Aristotle is the father of science and the particularities of all existence.  He is the father of the Moderns.  The Modern Age forced Plato’s Retreat.  The Post -Moderns are forcing Aristotle’s retreat.


The Conditional Covenant of America

In the past few months we have had a greater than normal number of weather related disasters in the United States of America.  Heavy and frequent snowfalls in the northeast this winter strained municipal snow-removal budgets and my back.  Flooding in the Southeast, then in the Mississippi Valley, drought and wildfire in Texas, and the most destructive series of spring tornadoes in memory.  Keep you pants on Algore.  This is not due to man-made climate change, or at least the way you mean it.  The LORD Adenoi Elohim brings the rain at the right times when it is needed, and not too much nor when it is not needed.  Unless of course He is not taking an interest in the nation.  Lack of interest compared to a protective interest feels like a curse.  But it is not. It is only nature reasserting itself without God’s active Blessings.  But the next step may be on its way.  It may be even in effect already.  This is the reversal of Blessings into active Curses.  Once this begins we will mourn for the good old days when we were only ignored.  But if we repented and prayed and understood the awesome blessing America had been blessed with, we would recognize in retrospect that which we scorned. We would then be suitably contrite and perhaps we would change our ways and restore the Blessings.  But not if we allow the Algores and the others invested in carbonism whether for money or power convince us the changes are due to our fuel use and have zero moral component.
Does this mean I blame the victims of the recent disasters?  The poor victims of the tornadoes?  No! Absolutely not.  Nations are judged as whole units.  Indeed the God of the Bible has frequently promised blessings and curses to various nations.   The individuals who suffer who are good and decent people add to the general misery of the whole.  Yet whether in life or later, the good and blessed will be rewarded.  Just as most self-centered controlling cut throat businessmen and women do not seem to suffer in this world, and those who seem to suffer in this world have not necessarily done anything worse than the Beemer drivers in their charmed (seeming) lives.
AMERICA IS BEING judged!  We are in the scales right now, and are being found wanting!  We were blessed with much and much was expected.  But now we will discover how much of what we took for granted was due to our own diligence independently of Divine intervention .
Deut. 28 :15 And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant:

16I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.

17And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.

18And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

19And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass:

Am I accusing the victims of these natural disasters of conducting themselves immorally? No.

I am accusing our, my, Nation, of spurning the due recognition of YHVH in our bounty and power. To even mention God in public is to cause embarrassment in all those with whom one is conversing.

Is it possible that no complex native civilization ever arose in the high plains, because of the frequency of this kind of massive storm cell? That our short occupancy has been due to a “fluke”, or better, a blessing that is now being withdrawn?

Evidence for advanced Indian polities is found all the way down the Atlantic Coast. But Florida, seems to have been only sparsely populated by simple societies. Were Hurricanes the norm, and not the exception? Our very brief intimacy with Florida may have allowed a fluke to be interpreted as normal. Or, again, a blessing has been unappreciated, perhaps.

Sophisticated Indian civilizations existed in the Ohio-Mississippi River Valley. Desoto reported seeing thriving cities surrounding massive mounds. From the mound of one city, he was able to see the next city up and down the river.
A century later LaSalle explored the same region, descending the rivers from French Canada.  He found the land uninhabited!   Huge herds of buffalo grazed happily to the edge of the riverbanks.  How did such a change occur?

Desoto’s pigs carried the entire plethora of viruses and bacteria that Eurasia had to offer.  Europeans’ immunity evolved in tandem with their domestication over tens of thousands of years.   Not so the Indians!
Unbeknownst and unplanned by Desoto, his expedition was like a scythe cutting down the entire Mississippian civilization. The vast buffalo herds were not natural, nor were the vast sun-blotting flocks of doves and passenger pigeons. These were resources that the Indians had used, and modified the landscape in order to maximize them. But with the cataclysm of HaTzirah, the pestilences, which wiped out the Indian population, they multiplied into the unnatural numbers seen by LaSalle and later explorers.

But, the interesting thing that occurred to me is that the Mississippi Civilization was centered upon massive Mounds. Why? We have simply presumed that like the pyramids of Egypt, or Mexico they served a purely religious purpose. And so they may have. But, they may also have been the only way to prosper in the Mississippi Valley. The flooding we are seeing was perhaps the rule and not the exception. Another blessing we were not even aware of is being removed.  What we blithely call a “hundred year flood” might have been a mere five year flood.  Our limited experience may have been atypical.  If we had been unknowingly reaping a blessing of diminished flooding the removal of the blessing would restore the natural flood cycles.

Another region where Indian civilization had once been advanced, but has since become ruins and the source of modern Indian tribes’ mythology is the Southwest.  The Hopi mythologies indicate that they are most likely the descendents of an advanced Civilization with towns and cities that speak for a greater level of organization and specialization than remains now.  The size of this ancient civilization pales before the current population of Greater Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Droughts, severe and long lasting may indeed be the rule and not the exception.  The precariousness of rain in that region has been perhaps underappreciated by us, the latest population to migrate into that region.  Our very brief experience there has yet again given us a false sense of its viability.  What was an unappreciated blessing is now being withdrawn.
California, despite its uniquely productive central valley, had the least organized Indian societies encountered by Europeans.  The Spanish found essentially impoverished hunter-gatherers.  Why had they not irrigated the central valley, as the Incas and Mexicans were able to do?  Earthquakes, perhaps were much more powerful and frequent then they have been for our brief period of occupancy.  Another exception to the rule?  Another unnoticed blessing?

The Pacific Northwest is an exception to the most basic understandings of Anthropology.  It was the sight of one of the only advanced societies that developed without agriculture.  The ease of gathering salmon, seafood, and forest products made agriculture superfluous.  The rain catching mountains and fertile soil are the result of active mountain building and vulcanism.  Could the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest be one that is more regularly punctuated by Mount St. Helen-like or larger events?

The Gulf Coast might also have been as bountiful as the Northwest.  But, it was only sparsely inhabited.  Perhaps the hot humid conditions were too unhealthy, too mosquito infested and too prone to hurricanes to allow any complex society from developing.  A return to a more normal hurricane frequency and severity may be on the way.  And the Accepted Wisdom will glibly blame CO2.

Out of the entire continental United States only the original Thirteen Colonies are set in climate and geology that seems to be in the norm, and not just an exceptionally benign period.  It is here, in New England, where the Pilgrims stepped ashore into a post-apocalyptic Indian civilization.  It was this that God had referred to when He said He would proceed ahead and clear the land with His swarms, HaTzirah.  In the Greater Chesapeake, Virginia and in the greater Carolina coastal areas of Charleston and Savannah, other factors including disease drove the natives out.  Unlike the Pilgrims who literally “ate food they had not planted” as God promised the Israelites, God’s Hand is seen though less dramatically in the other Colonies.

So, it appears that the original USA, in its Thirteen States (out of which three new states were carved: Maine, West Virginia, and Vermont, and the District of Columbia) has been given to us more unconditionally than the rest.  But even this portion will be taken from us unless we repent!