Realpolitik for the 21st Century

Time for Moscow and America to sit down behind closed doors and talk reality. The so-called national borders of the former Soviet Republics are purely fictional. There never were self-governing nation-states named
Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan etc and so on. These were constructions of the Russian Communist Party. The borders were designed to be unworkable outside of a Moscow- dominated USSR. For instance the: The Fergana Valley in Central Asia was divided with no regard to the ethnic populations and carved between Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
Throughout the course of the Czarist Empire and the USSR, Russians and Central Asians have spread and intermingled across the entire region. The post-USSR map with the newly sovereign nations was an aberration. For the USA to treat these entities as actual nation-states is to attempt to freeze the region in the post-Communist nadir of Russian power. The assertion that Ukraine nationhood is as historically, geographically and culturally as real as that of Poland or the Baltic states is to weaken our moral (and Realpolitik) support for the latter two.
No longer is Russia seeking to be the center of a global Communist movement.  The ideologies of the 20th century are fading and by the end of the 21st century they will seem as remote as the motives of the religious wars are to us.  Putin is no liberal.  But neither is the King of Saudi Arabia, and we support him.
The American dominance of the Post-WW2 era was an aberration.  We had never been involved with the Indian Ocean until this period, now ending.  When the Portuguese penetrated that third ocean there had already been a complex trading system in place.  That five hundred year era of European rule over the entire Indian Ocean ended when the Japanese marched into Singapore, Bangkok, Batavia and Manila.  The rise of India, the Gulf States, Iran and even Kenya and other western African nations defines the new reality.  America inherited the Indian Ocean “problem” from the colonial powers.  But we did so only in the cause of containment of the USSR.  We must return to our interests.  The Indian Ocean does not wash upon any American beach.
The unquestioned power of America in the Atlantic and Pacific must supersede the Indian Ocean and it is simply ludicrous to maintain the fiction that the Black Sea can be navigated against Russian interests by the US Navy.  Reality is what is real.
We should recognize Moscow’s legitimate interests in its near abroad. And by the same token Russian meddling in the Caribbean and Central and South America must be ended. Russia should be an ally against Islam. And there will come a demographic tipping point very soon that will make Russia look to balance Chinese power with the West.

The Death of the West (whatever that was)

Today In London

Today In London–gJ0v-H6BQx
Migrants to Britain hoping to gain citizenship must get 75 per cent or more on the Life in the UK test, which was recently revamped to incorporate “British values” (whatever they are).”  Click link to take Britain’s citizenship test.  

IT IS THAT SNIDE “WHATEVER THEY ARE” addition that demonstrates the reason for the death of Great Britain, and for the emergence of a Little Englandistan, Scotlandistan & Walesabod, along with Eurabia as a whole. And the retreat of Anglo-America back to the Atlantic is another component.

The writer’s desire or need to use that phrase reveals a tome of truth.

Of course the Muslim immigrants in Britain, and the Hispanic in America will not assimilate! Why would they? They may have come for the economic benefits, and they may have been willing to assimilate. It was once a privilege to be allowed to become a prosperous Englishman (or is it now “Englishperson”?) or American. Who would voluntarily choose to assimilate into a culture that is proud to beat its chest in mea culpa? WHO WOULD CHOOSE TO ASSIMILATE INTO A CULTURE THAT IS PROUD OF ITS SHAME? Our societies are completely under the spell of of those who “deconstruct” our history.  We have been taught by our intilektchual elites that we have prospered only by looting the Third World of its wealth, by expropriation of the labor of “brown people”, through genocide and all in all just by being nasty-ass “white-devils”.

And apparently the writer of this little paragraph could not even allow to stand unanswered the assumption that there is any particular system of British Values.


Today in America

This has been the aim of Progressives: the deracination of culture. Nothing goes without saying. There no longer exist norms that are just presumed. What once was a question of morality has become question of taste.  And what was mere taste is elevated into morals!  For example, homosexual marriage is taste; driving a Hummer immoral.  The amazing reversal of tobacco and marijuana is yet another example. Tobacco was one’s taste, marijuana (or being in a false estate of euphoria) a moral flaw.  Now, tobacco is immoral, and whether you smoke pot is a matter of taste!  
 When everything legal is of equal acceptance, one must tolerate everything that is legal. And by the same token only legal activities are required to be tolerated!  Thus legality is no longer the default status.  Nothing is legal except that which is codified.   The only arbiter in this kind of society must be The State. When there are no unwritten cultural norms and taboos, everything must be codified.  In a democratic republic lacking Constitutional limits either the mob, or those who claim to act for the mob’s interests make the codes.  Thus some of the great names in liberal nations are Democratic Republics.  See Wiki for list!

This is TOTALITARIANISM. And the Marxist intilektchuals are aware that Totalitarianism is required for total societal transformation into the Socialist Paradise of Earth. (Imagine there’s no countries…it isn’t hard to do.)  

Plato’s Retweet: Plato’s Retreat To The Retreat of Aristotle

My first thought was “This is dancing?”

Free-style dancing. Free-style dancing.

It brought back to me all the thoughts I have had over the years at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties. When the “adults” rise to dance after being badgered by the emcees, bandleader or DJ they perform strange rhythmic motions lacking any sense of precision.

This is yet another “blessing” ma ma ma my generation has given the world: the dance floor of spastic atomized individuals.

It is troubling to realize that what we all take for granted, as normal would have been shockingly weird not just to our grandparents, or great-grandparents, but to everyone in every society that preceded us within the grand panoply of Western Civilization!
I do not begrudge President Obama the pleasantry of society on a summer’s night. It is political knavery to make an issue of his dancing while chaotic Mesopotamia descends into, well… into more Mesopotamian chaos. Communication technology to connect him to anyone anywhere anytime renders his actual locality irrelevant. I imagine FDR enjoyed society while waging WW2 across two oceans and four continents.

But it is the dancing that aroused my attention. This is the President of the United States of America. The grace of General, and then President George Washington on the dance floor is legendary. Certainly the Francophiles Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were adept at the latest European dance styles. John Adams the cranky old Puritan lacked grace but knew the steps. As probably Abraham Lincoln was able to waltz or minuet Mary Todd Lincoln clumsily yet serviceably around the inaugural balls.

There were actual dances that conformed to actual steps, which had to be learned. It is only ma-ma-ma-my ge-ge-generation that discovered that dancing must be an ecstatic Dionysian experience of release and abandonment to the throbbing music.

I recall the snide commentary about our new style dancing made by those oldsters over thirty. “Like rutting animals.” “Barbaric and tribalistic.” And surely someone with intellectual pretensions must have sniffed out loud the phrase “ecstatic Dionysian”.  We however thought they were just square.  What did they know?

So now, we the parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles at the weddings and B’nai Mitzvah parties are sat at balloon festooned tables.   With hip hop music loud enough to make even the water in the crystal glasses dance we lean forward and shout, “So I hear your new summer house was broken into?”  And the look of “what did you say?” elicits a louder repetition of the question; the question the answer of which is of minimal interest to begin with!

Strained conversation with faces seen only at similar “parties” or funerals becomes thankfully unnecessary as well as impossible, so we turn to look at the dance floor.
OMG! Could it be? It is the Bar Mitzvah girl twerking with a professional party facilitator. Didn’t she just finish telling us how important her Jewish values were going to be to her entire life? Who knew she knew how to so faithfully mime the movements of copulation? Who knew? (The trendies love to ask.)
Free-style, just moving with the music has replaced formal ballroom dancing; with the latter now becoming more of a competitive sport on a par with say ice-skating duets. Much as bicycle riding has been transformed from the means of independent transportation for kids to a dedicated activity in and of itself, the pleasure of the social dance is now just another hobby.
“Dancing” is a category, just as “Music” is a category. I personally had played around with guitars off and on for years. I wanted to learn to play the guitar. In retrospect I failed at becoming a real guitarist because I never learned to play particular songs. I erroneously believed in a Platonic category “Guitar Playing” that could be learned without learning particular songs.   This is the equivalent of dancing without any concrete form. To generalize even further, it is like the category of “Learning”, without the benefit of particular knowledge. Further it is this Platonic metaphysic that underlies most of the worst of the illiberal post-Moderns. How often do they speak, think and act as if the categories we devise have an actual existence, and can be handled as if they were physical objects?
The great debates in the political sphere are predominantly between those who treat categories as real things and those who do not: Plato vs. Aristotle. The example that comes to mind is Economics. The phrase “the economy” is the name of a category. Categorical names are mere abstractions. “The Economy” is shorthand for the entirety of all human trading; not the sum of all transactions, but all transactions, EACH one. “The Economy” is not a real thing. All the debate about using Government to effect the Economy is but Platonic scribbling. It is dangerous to confuse categories with particular objects that have an independent existence. There has never been a time when I desired to do an economic transaction. If I waited until I felt like it I would be waiting as long as I waited to learn guitar without playing particular songs. The Economy does not exist outside of my deciding to buy a quart of milk.
I don’t care if the President is dancing. It is a matter of “optics”. And “optics” in this new political sense is by definition form over substance. It is pathetic that the Media now demand the President to mind his optics!
I do care that the President appears to be as casual as a beachgoer on the dance floor. The conceit that one can dance IN GENERAL without bothering to learn the particular steps (upon which of course, individual expression may embellish within certain parameters) is the Plato in the President.
Plato is the father of mysticism.  In our time he is the father of Marx.  Aristotle is the father of science and the particularities of all existence.  He is the father of the Moderns.  The Modern Age forced Plato’s Retreat.  The Post -Moderns are forcing Aristotle’s retreat.



I have always dreaded the coming Civil “Unrest”. THEY wish for nothing so much as “armed white Christian militia” to fire at their minions. Then the iron-fisted Police State will be unleashed.

THEY are deliberately importing hordes of foreigners in order to make all people in America minorities, and thus destroy any sense of an American culture and nation.

John Locke and the Enlightenment Philosophers whose thinking informed the formation of America, recognized that human society itself is organic and largely self-governing.
The State of Nature as Thomas Hobbes saw it was “ware (war)as is of every man against every man“. And men’s lives were “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. Thus, Hobbes attempted to justify the imposition of authority from above to maintain peace. In this case it was the British Monarchy which he defended as necessary.

Locke however, as the first English liberal (in the classic sense, which we must reclaim!) recognized that Hobbes was wrong. Locke had a more optimistic sense of humanity. Society develops organically. It spontaneously self-assembles through organic institutions, such as Religion, Trade and the rules of moral behavior. Government is required only for the purposes of protecting the society from external predatory societies, and from predatory individuals within the society. There are also large complex projects over which only Government can organize: large-scale irrigation, erection of forts (no jokes! I heard that snickering in the back row!), monuments, food storage etc.
WHAT THE NWO LACKEYS and Trendies are attempting, successfully, is the deliberate destruction of the ORGANIC nature of America. There is unmitigated war against everything and anything that once went without saying. Even English is dismissed as the National Language. There is NO AMERICAN NATION allowed in the sense of a nation being the sum of culture, language, borders and People. America is to be a mere geographic expression. There is no specific American culture, language, general belief system or morality. There are Italian, French, Japanese and thousands of other Peoples. But even the suggestion of an AMERICAN PEOPLE is mocked as passé at best, and more likely dismissed as triumphalist, xenophobic, racist, ethnocentric and whatever PC sin comes to mind.
NEVER in all of history do I know of any case in which a nation’s culture was deliberately destroyed by its government!  (With the notable exceptions of the USSR and Red China.  Now that is a very exclusive set, indeed!)
ONLY A GOVERNMENT seeking TOTALITARIAN political power would deliberately destroy all competitive institutions. Organic sources of cultural norms and mores must therefore be “deconstructed“.  ONLY GOVERNMENT can maintain cohesion in such an atomized STATE.
I HAVE ALWAYS DREADED THE POTENTIAL “CIVIL UNREST” that will herald the de facto Police State becoming de jure.
We are dying as a People; our organic institutions are under mortal attack. IF WE DO NOT RISE UP AND CLOSE OUR BORDER AND FIGHT ANY WHO WOULD DARE INTERVENE by attacking us as “racists, white supremacists, vigilantes, extremists” etc we shall perish as a People and a Nation. Let us at least be remembered as a PEOPLE who did not shuffle forlornly and meekly into extinction. If America dies, let our death be as heroic as those who gave their last full measure to gain and preserve our Liberty and Independence.

Less White, Less Male, Less Free, Less Prosperous

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”
IF we knew the result enfranchising women and minorities would be, I would have been against it.
When Men voted they voted in light of their families’ situations.  It was presumed that their wife and children’s interests were identical to his.  And, they were.  When the reach of government was curtailed the interests it impacted were few in number.  Over the small range of interests in which the government had standing, there was no difference within families and little difference between neighbors.
The Federal government’s intrusion into the States’ authority, forcing voting rights for blacks was not an altruistic enlightened act. At the time it appeared to be unquestionably right; and the Jim Crow south was presumed to be evil.  Some of the Southerners resisted the Federal Civil Rights making the States’ Rights argument.  We assumed it was the same sort who were stridently pro-slavery in the run up to the Civil War; hiding their bigotry behind high sounding rhetoric of Liberty, crying wolf over impending tyranny.   It never occurred to us moralists in the North that this time their might really be a wolf!
Only in retrospect can we see that this was a cynical step in the fundamental change of America from a Constitutionally limited Republic of States into a monolithic socialist republic. 
Forcing the Southern states to allow voting by all blacks, and by outlawing any poll tax, or minimal knowledge test applicable to all in a racially blind manner was a deliberate and necessary step to tyranny. How? 
For every vote from a non-tax-payer, the vote of the taxpayer is diluted. Harnessed by shrewd multigenerational schemers the blacks were kept poor, and dependent upon government handouts. Affirmative Action was the elbow the Federal Government used to smash into the entire informal structure of free association, and private property. Once in, they worked insidiously to make the doing of any business, whether buying or selling, hiring or firing, job offer and job acceptance: everything, a regulable activity. Businesses all required a Business License!
Part of the multigenerational scheme was the deliberate debauching of morals. Once the Black family was more conservative than the Whites. Out of wedlock sex was not winked at. Out of wedlock pregnancy required instant marriage, shotgun or otherwise! 
But, Margaret Sanger, Racist Eugenicist wanted to eradicate the black race. Planned Parenthood spread the doctrine of Abortion for unplanned pregnancies. Women were beguiled to take their newly won vote and dedicate it to whoever would honor this morbid “right”.
The appointment of several generations of Supreme Court justices imbued with their self-importance and “responsibility” to further progress was the final necessary piece. 
Now, we had a black voting block that paid little if any tax, voting for those pols who would promise them more loot, more affirmative action. And we had women voting their interests, which suddenly were not the interests of their families as the male vote was. No, their interest was anti-family.
This was exactly what the multigenerational scheme was after:
A monolithic federal state unbound by the Constitution, deriving “legitimacy” from those foolishly enfranchised by the White man through his sense of fairness and morality. Now, we are judged as being a rear guard of unfair and immoral “privilege”! WE who tamed the continent, fought its wars, built its industry and agriculture, its mighty economic system, and fought for voting rights for women and blacks, have placed our necks in the noose, and have been convinced that we deserve it!
I honestly believe that the opening of the voting franchise has resulted in the death of Liberty.  Ironically the shadow of liberty, The Vote, has strangled the reality of Liberty; the limited state.  It sounds harsh, but I honestly would say that recent events bears out the warnings from the southern opponents of the Federal strong-arming and over-throwing of the states’ right to decide on its own voting procedures.  The outright bigotry evident in selective poll tax or knowledge tests was done away, and rightly so.  But the across-the-board Federal restrictions on all equally applied poll taxes, and knowledge tests were illegitimate.  They were part of the long and patient whittling down of actual rights and their replacement by “collective rights”.  And now we have Ms Wasserman-Schultz crowing about our self-inflicted wound!  This radical feminist who would not take her husband’s name in full, has no higher ideal than the freedom to have abortions on demand paid for by the public, thereby forcing the sin on all.  Though spreading the national curse it will not minimize the moral judgement of any single “termination”.  She and her ilk will support the deadliest foe of America if he/she would but guarantee their “right”.  The Looting Class too, would vote even for the one who will kill their golden goose if he could promise them just a but more in the short term.  (The failure to look past the short term is why these people are on the dole!)


Yahoo, this morning, was hawking The New York Times article about the Tax Policy Center’s report.   The report “proves” the current President’s accusation that the would-be President’s Tax Plan is impossible to balance.   And it is nothing more than the Rich White Man’s scheme to protect his billionaire pals from the righteous indignation of the people.
What really got my blood boiling was the innocuous description of the source of this study.  “A small nonpartisan research center operated by professed “geeks” has found itself at the center of a rancorous $5 trillion debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.”

“No white paper or policy manifesto put out during the presidential campaign has proved more controversial than an August study by the Washington-based Tax Policy Center, a respected nonprofit that issues studiously detailed tax analyses.”  This is in New York Times NewSpeak and requires parsing.
The first “error” is in the first phrase “Oh, Gee~eeks” said in the Michael Savage tone of mockery “Gee~eeks have no personality, so they must be autistically fixated only on the math.”  “Geek” used here is an attempt at hiding the attack inside the Trojan horse of feigned impartiality.
The second paragraph continues. .  “No white paper … has proved more controversial” leads one to stroke one’s chin and think “Oh a White Paper; Hmmm that sounds all officially!  It sounds so Think Tanky, and all, and it is written by “geeks”. Gee willikers, Wally, this must be the skinny!   But hold on Beave.  I have never heard of either the report or the Tax Policy Center before.  So, how can the news reporter man say that there is a controversy?  Gee, Wally you sure are smart!  Maybe he is trying to start a controversy. Yeah, maybe so Beave lets ask Dad, he will know.
In the same vein, the “Washington-based Tax Policy Center, a respected non-profit, that issues studiously detailed tax analysis” is fodder for an entire essay on the rhetorical skills of the intellectuals’ craft of bullshit.  Since the President used the word, it has now passed into the respectable category of word-smithing.  So allow me the opportunity to revel; the New York Times is so full of bullshit, that if bullshit were worth a good God damn the dinosaur media would not be hinting about needing bailouts, or layoffs. Golly Wally that kind of language would get us in hot water with Dad! And how, Beave! 

“That study found, in short, that Mr. Romney could not keep all of the promises he had made on individual tax reform: including cutting marginal tax rates by 20 percent, keeping protections for investment income, not widening the deficit and not increasing the tax burden on the poor or middle class. It concluded that Mr. Romney’s plan, on its face, would cut taxes for rich families and raise them for everyone else.

The detailed paper proved kindling for a political firestorm. Mr. Romney criticized the center as performing a “garbage-in, garbage-out” analysis and his campaign accused it of partisan bias. The Obama campaign used the center’s numbers to argue that Mr. Romney had proposed a $5 trillion tax cut. Economists jumped on the bandwagon too, flinging analyses back and forth and picking apart the projections and assumptions in the report.”

How convenient for the President, the august Tax Policy Center, of which no heard of until this morning has verified the fact that Mitt Romney is in the president’s words a “Bullshitter”.  And worse for the “struggling” Governor, it has unleashed a political firestorm; again that no one has been aware of until this morning!  And, can you believe it, an actual Bandwagon has been rolling down the highways and hedges of America and I did not know of it until this morning?  I must be a Geek, sitting in my Geek Land, making all my Geek plans for nobody.
“At the Tax Policy Center itself, responses ranged from irritation at the partisan nature of some attacks to incredulity over the political hysteria. “There was this résumé-hunting, White-House-visitor-log” searching feel to the response, said the center’s director, Donald Marron, a former Bush administration economist. “That was unanticipated,” he added dryly.

In many ways the report did just what the center was created to do: inject some solid numbers into a shifty, accusatory, raucous political debate. The decade-old center a joint project of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, two nonpartisan grandes dames of the Washington world — was founded precisely to “fill that niche,” Mr. Marron said.”

Is this a remake of “Revenge of the Nerds”? These are some muscular athletic nerds!  And they are irate!  They are affronted by the political hysteria!  And worse: “there was this résumé-hunting, White-House-visitor-log” searching feel to the response”.  I have to admit, I have no idea what that feels like!  Unlike Donald Marron, I have never been out résumé-hunting nor White House Log rolling.  They do not sound like much fun!  But Donald Marron must know of what he speaks.

“Marron”, the article felt it important to add is a “former Bush administration economist”.  I suspect this was added to provide bona fides to the description of “non-partisan.

The non-profit, non-partisan Center For Tax Policy is said to be a joint project of the Brookings Institute and The Urban Institute.  Brookings is obviously a well-known and liberal think tank.  But what is this Urban Institute?
To check out the non-partisan and non-profit Institute:
And there it is.  At the very top right the banner reads “non-partisan economic and social policy research”.  I don’t know about you, but when I read “economic and social policy research” I think politically correct, wealth redistributing, social justice self-righteous power grabbing; and I suspect the interests of the Middle Class are not of much concern.  And voila I am not disappointed.  Here is the list of exciting topics!  Notice there is no link to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute!  I am incredulous.  Children and Youth Cities and Neighborhoods Crime and Justice Economy and Taxes Education Employment Families and Parenting Governing Health and Healthcare Housing Immigrants Infrastructure International Development Nonprofits Performance Measurement / Mgmt Poverty, Assets  and Safety Net Race, Ethnicity, Gender Retirement and Older Americans

Beware of Geeks bearing “facts”!

9/11 Eleven Years Later: Cloward, Piven, and Moody’s Blues

SEPTEMBER 11, ELEVEN YEARS LATER: Cloward & Piven and Moody’s
Twelve years ago this morning airplanes crashed onto the World Trade Center.  Whether this was done by cave-dwelling Muslims in an effort to stymie world trade, or by others to stymie world freedom is irrelevant today.  But, today, Moody’s statement may, in twelve more years be seen as equally devastating to both world trade and liberty.  There are those in high places who wish for nothing more than the fall of America.  Whether out of racial anger; or out of radical fervor, or the hatred of Old Money for the “snot-nosed republic across the ocean” matters not.  What matters is that they have been eagerly awaiting this day for a very long time.
Cloward & Piven explains the entire thrust of the regime’s policies.  Obama, a puppet of the Globalists is happy to do their bidding, which is to bring down the United States of America.  The persistence of an independent United States of America functions as a final redoubt of Liberty.  Not even in a military, diplomatic way, but in a more important way, by being the final safe deposit for capital.  The USSR failed because its inefficient use of capital doomed its economy.  So long as capital can move, it will always move to where it can be most productive. The Internet has mobilized capital as no other phenomenon in history.  A click of a mouse and a Billion dollars can move instantly.  Socialism is dead, so long as one place on earth is free.  Capital can no longer be kept behind Iron Curtains.  Therefore Socialism MUST remove every last stronghold of economic liberty.  The Twentieth Century demonstrated the indispensability of the US to world liberty.  “They” the Utopians, who are nothing more than arrogant intellectuals who believe that their prescription for universal happiness is True, have realized that the US must die.

They have found an ally in the Marxist anti-Colonialist Obama.  Not he alone, but the entire cadre of college “educated” post-Modern academented radicals, have found that a claim to “moral superiority” is easily made by denigrating America’s lack of perfection.  That the rest of the world is so much worse in every category is of no importance.  America must be humbled!  Yes, America must be humbled so They can be acclaimed as the “loving and caring people” that they are!

Whether Obama’s allies are honestly seeking to create a Scandinavian-style welfare state in America and are merely foolish; or they are evil, and actively seeking the overwhelming of the system, it will not matter.  It is working.  There is nothing Obama will not spend billions on.  Whether good or bad, effective or not, does not matter, so long as the national debt increases beyond the point of credit-worthiness.  The moment the credit rating drops, the interest owed on our debt will cause the debt to increase to the point that it no longer is sellable.  America will be bankrupt.  In receivership, our assets will be seized.  But more important to the human race, there will no longer be any final redoubt for capital.  Statist Tyranny will be a boot on the face of humanity forever and ever!