The seditious Left is trying to frame this in Watergate language! NYT headline  Here “What did The President Know and When Did he Know It?” snort!   When did he know that his to be NSA spoke with the Russian ambassador to America? Really? Who cares? Well the well-known anti-Soviet… oops, no the apologist for the USSR and newly minted anti-Russian hawk Elizabeth Warren cares. The NYT quotes her saying “This isn’t a game. Reports say the Russians conducted a series of successful cyber-attacks on our elections to help elect@realDonaldTrump.” WHAT REPORTS? There are no reported attacks from any quarter other than the DNC upon the security of our elections! SHE IS DANGEROUSLY CLAIMING THAT THE ELECTION ITSELF WAS CORRUPTED! There has never been the slightest report of that! The question was did Russian intel have a hand in exposing the REAL CLINTON AND THE REAL DNC? And even that answer has been unclear. Not according to Assange! Wikileaks claimed the source for the DNC leaks was in the DNC: a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter. (Have you ever heard of a gruntled person?)
And dig this “Representative Eric Swalwell of California, the lead Democrat on the C.I.A. subcommittee of the House Intelligence Committee, was blunt: ‘For the sake of our nation’s future, our intelligence and law enforcement community must determine whether Donald Trump’s loyalties lie with us or with the Russians.’” Yes… Donald J. Trump is an agent of Russia. Of course. How asinine the Left believe the American people to be!
It is infuriating that the anti-anti-Communist fellow-travelers and useful idiots of the Left could never claim American liberty was superior to Soviet tyranny, are now anti-Russian hawks!
When the USSR was a would-be global hegemon and posed *the* major threat to America and Free World they mocked us and always would use their air quotes around “American liberty”. We were dismissed as paranoid “Cold Warriors” who claimed to see a “Red under every bed”. (Actually in the FDR/Truman years the State Dept, and DOD, WERE penetrated by pro-Soviet policy makers [read Diana West].)
But now, however when Putin represents the sole major power not submitting to The Global Corporate Tyranny, suddenly these same ass-wipes are anti-Russian HAWKS??? Joseph Stalin–> Gorbachov every Soviet premier we negotiated with. Each and everyone of them ruled over a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in which the Ukraine was one of the SSR’s. And Crimea was NEVER part of the Ukraine.
THERE IS NO REASON for the USA to be in a zero-sum game with Russia. Russia has become the major power she has always been. Now, a more normal nation, Russia is not the sword of Marxist revolution!
The persistence of sanctions on Russia for Moscow’s occupation of Left Bank Ukraine and Crimea will never result in Putin or any other Russian walking away from Crimea. When the Louisiana Purchase was done, was about when Russian power reached the shores of the Black Sea. Which American would submit to being forced to recognize a foreign nation in Louisiana? To allow the outlet of the Mississippi to be in foreign hands? NOT ONE OF US. Except perhaps Fauxchahantas and her fellow drips.  w050121a108




NY Times Nonsense

***But the country’s changing demographics, the civil rights movement and a push for multiculturalism in many quarters mean that white Americans are now confronting the prospect of a nation that is no longer built solely around their own identity.***
Herein lies the KEY. “White” in this context is NOT racial. It is unfortunate that the truth is still kept hidden.
The claim that RACE (as in the “browning of America”) is the source of the sense alienation is libelous. It is the *culture* of WASPs that is under attack and which is defended by “White” nationalists.
WASP culture (American culture) was the culture into which all immigrants aspired to assimilate: even southern African-Americans made their migration north in order to achieve their place in the American culture.
The relentless attack on the ideal of a unicultural nation-state has finally brought its reaction.
The two terms of Obama have played their role. After eight years of AG Holder, and Lynch, with endless accusations of racism, sexism, hetero-ism, English-ism etc and so on, we said ENOUGH. WE no longer will flinch when our defense of OUR culture is predictably libeled as racist. Why is it that Dr. Ben Carson is wholly accepted and beloved by many of us? Is he a scraping and bowing “Uncle Tom”? No. He is a successful man in terms of our culture. If people are beguiled by Cultural Apartheid ideology and fail to prepare themselves to compete in OUR culture their whine of “racism” as excuse is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.
What is American Culture if not the culture of the WASPs? It is this culture that bore the fruit of Liberty: Economic and Political. So long as OUR culture is under attack WE will resist. This is not racism. This is patriotism.  
It is not racist to support one’s own culture. It is human nature.
Pat Buchanan, a proud Irish-Catholic is certainly NOT an ASP though he is White. If Pat and the many Catholic-Americans are glad to assimilate into WASP culture why is it considered “racist” to expect others to do the same? Trumpism is nothing but Buchaninism. And so what?

More NY Times Nonsense

The winner of France’s center-right presidential primary, François Fillon, in October. Mr. Fillon has called for lifting sanctions on Russia and for partnering with Moscow to curtail immigration and terrorism.
French Election Hints at a European Shift Toward Russia
More Putin-originating Fake News? Or have the MSM outlets been as blind in Europe as in America.

The antagonism against Russia stopped making sense when the Berlin Wall fell. Russia is a Great Power. Reality is real. There is not a zero-sum game between “the West” and Russia. We are witnessing the final restoration of a pre-WW1 European balance of power.
Remember, America is over here, not “Over There”. Though powerful, Russia is not a hegemon in a vacuum. France is a nuclear power, and Germany a major economic power. A Franco-German alliance is capable of balancing Russia without US assistance.
America became great, because we stood aloof between our Oceanic moats.
America needs to return to George Washington’s maxims regarding alliances and entanglements with European powers.
A US-UK trade treaty and alliance should become the heart of our relationship with Europe.
Our strategic interests are in keeping Russian naval and air bases out of western Scandinavia including Denmark. This is in parallel with UK’s interests.
Why allow Putin the power to destroy NATO after NATO’s successful post-WW2 run? Let us declare victory and rethink our interests. We are not strategically effected by Russian resurgence in the Black Sea, nor the Baltic. Russian expansion in Estonia for instance will fracture NATO. Paris and Berlin will NOT countenance WW3 in Europe for the sake of the former provinces of Czarist Russia, and the USSR.
Rather than leave the initiative in Putin’s hands, we should call a meeting with NATO, (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and announce our willingness to defend only those nations with littorals on the actual North Atlantic! And only with their full cooperation. They are NOT doing us a favor.
(If push comes to shove, which I doubt, UK, Iceland and Norway must be defended.)

The Journalist’s Lament: Yes, There is An American Culture!

This is an article in the NY Times Aug. 8, 2016. HERE.   It purports to be a handwringing mea culpa confessing the predicament of the tortured soul of the professional Journalist in reporting on Donald Trump.
Why is there an issue? There is an issue because the very philosophic underpinnings of J-School make opposition to Trump a baked-in conclusion. How so? I shall attempt to explain.
The Golden Rule of J-School is OBJECTIVITY. The Journalist presumes his view is objective. But to be truly objective one must be in a vantage point above the level upon which the news happens.
J-school is the ultimate expression of the post-Modern education philosophy. And that is the effort to demonstrate that all societies are built upon arbitrary cultural symbols, whether sounds, letters, pictures, body language, facial expression and so on. But since J-school is essentially a Western phenomenon and in our case an American one it directs its de-constructive lens upon American culture.
Objectivity is the attempt to perceive the arbitrariness of the symbols of culture. It is like trying to hear English as sounds devoid of meaning. To attempt to do so is frightening for if one succeeded it might be impossible to come back! Or, try looking at our written language as a series of squiggles and lines. Impossible.
Yet what is culture other than arbitrary actions, sounds, patterns of group movements? J-school is where students go to complete their self de-privileging program. To compare New Guinean war steps with the ballet: both merely arbitrary movements conveying cultural information, might be true. But so what?
A graduate of such a culturally-self-abnegating program will indeed be unable or unwilling to concede any superiority of one set of arbitrary cultures over another.
A Nation is a People sharing a culture, which is a language, a common literature, a common sense of history etc. Our American political culture has been based on the Lockean principles in vogue in Britain at the time of our origin. In Locke’s view humans are capable of self-assembly. We create an organic culture over time. To better protect our rights in a more complicated society we form governments. We are not naturally at war ourselves against all, as Thomas Hobbes would have us.
Here is the key to the journalists’ inability to report on Trump. Nations are Peoples with Cultures. Cultures are based upon arbitrary signs and symbols. Once deconstructed it is like Humpty Dumpty! It is as if one were able to hear English as merely the inherently meaningless sounds which it is, and not be able to get back!
How could graduates of a deliberate self-inflicted cultural lobotomy fail to see Trump as a dinosaur? “Make America Great Again” does not compute. They would require multiple layers of quotes to write that! But Trump asks DO WE HAVE A COUNTRY OR NOT?
Are we a Nation, a People with a particular culture (within a range of cultures, yes) and a particular language, with a particular sense of private property, and Rights?

John Locke said a People self-organize to produce an organic society and only much later is formal legalistic government created. 99% of our daily lives proceeds without recourse to the legal systems. That vast preponderance of the social glue is vested in the culture. The De-Construction of a particular culture by demonstrating its basis in arbitrary symbols is not compatible with “having a country”!

This explains why Journalists are leftists, and why leftists are totalitarian. Normal societies operate on a subliminal level, as stated above.  99% of our activities and interactions are culturally determined.  Rarely do we require legal opinions in our daily lives!  However, once cultural norms are dismissed as “merely” arbitrary understandings what remains to counter the centrifugal force of individuals devoid of cultural cohesion?
Only the State remains.  And in a republic unmoored from a Constitution restricting the arena in which majoritarianism presides, the NATION is subjugated to a purely a POLITICAL entity.  When all human interactions are considered political… that is Totalitarianism! 


Why are “protectionism, isolationism and nativism” presumed to be pejorative?  The Republican Party was the party of protection.  Our manufacturing grew behind tariffs to make us a continental superpower. These same industries were available to become the arsenal of Democracy. Growing nations have protectionist trade policies. Grown nations seek Free Trade. And Free Trade is supported in the grown nation only until the rest of the competition is equally grown.

When Britain was the industrial superpower it stood for Free Trade. Since her factories produced superior goods more efficiently than any other, it was in her interest to have Free Trade.

Post WWII America stood alone as the industrial superpower. Of course the American post-War order would be for Free Trade!

The post-War order ended when Germany was reunified, and the USSR collapsed. Free Trade now benefits the nations with the cheapest labor, leaving American workers in a race to the bottom!

Protectionism is NOT a bad word. It is neither good or bad. At times it is advantageous and at other times it is not. The Misesians have elevated Free Trade to a moral necessity. That is absurd.

Isolationism is what George Washington recommended as the best course for America. And nothing has changed. Behind two oceans, alone in the world in being totally self-sufficient in every category: agriculture, manufacturing, finance, defense, market size and now, once again in energy, we have no natural enemies in the world. Since WW2 we have been told we must forever be in a state of war readiness if not actual war. Before WW2, America was normally at peace. “Security” was not an issue. Yes, I am aware that ICBM’s and Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles have removed some of the defensive value of our two oceanic moats. But our deterrence from within our own borders would suffice to dissuade any nation from daring to strike.

Nations are not like people. They are amoral, self-interested and NO ALLIANCE survives a loss of common interests. We do not “owe” old allies eternal gratitude. Especially since they were the ones saved by our nation. Old enemies become new allies, like Japan and Germany. Why must we be married to them? We have no fundamental interests at odds with Russia’s. Nor they with us. We have zero interest in the borders of Ukraine. I think it would be quite easy to make an agreement with Putin that we stay out of the Black Sea and Eastern Baltic Sea and they stay out of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It may well be that having Britain and Israel As well as Australia and NZ as allies serves our interests in forward defense. Or not, but the concept of our owing eternal alliance with any nation over our own self-interests is ludicrous.

Nativism is merely a snide way of saying the obvious. Think of what it means to call “nativism” a bad thing. In terms of Social Contract a nation (a particular people, with a particular culture, language, history, worldview, literature etc.) creates a government in order to protect its citizens rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A Nation has a government for its benefit, a government doesn’t have a nation for the purpose of greater power. If not FOR THE PEOPLE for whom is the government? To say that a government that exists strictly for the benefit of its creators is a bad thing…. well that is ludicrous as well!

Actual Republican Party Reptile

The NY Times today (July 17, 2016) ran an Op-Ed by a certain Peter Wehner, who presumes to be a long-suffering GOP apologist.  His was a voice of rebuttal to the constant chorus of libels and lies promoted by the mainstream media. And of course the NY Times is at the head of any list of leftist propaganda organs. So it is with high irony that they chose to publish this Sunday Op-Ed.
Wehner July 17, 2016 NY Times  Reptile’s Op-Ed
In fact this staunch defender of the GOP has so often appeared in the Times Op-Eds that they should hire him as the Official House Republican. Despite the title he would still be referred by the J-school geniuses around the Perrier water cooler as the the “GOPher”.

His opening paragraph says it all:

FOR my entire adult life I have listened to the invective leveled against the Republican Party by liberals: It is a party sustained by racist appeals, composed of haters and conspiracy nuts, indifferent to the plight of the poor and the weak, anti-woman.
Now, I do know the feeling he is expressing. I am a Jew who defended Mel Gibson when his film The Passion evoked charges of anti-Semitism. No, no, I insisted, the film cast the entire Jerusalem establishment as culpable in its rejection and crucifixion of Jesus. So when old Mel was picked up DWI and was videoed giving a drunk exhortation that demonstrated his Jew-hatred, I felt the fool. But this is not that.
Unlike the Gibson rant, nothing that Mr. Wehner rebutted is the case with Donald Trump!

Point by point
• A party sustained by racist appeals. Not so. The “racist appeals” is a phrase of rhetoric. This is the so-called dog-whistle,  a common accusation of the Left. It is a presumption of telepathy! If one supports a principle, the actualization of which might have a negative effect on some element of a “targeted” minority ipso facto the idea is Racist. An example of this rhetorical ploy is in regard to the “racist criminal justice system”.  If more of a particular minority are convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison that somehow proves “Racism” is at work. Therefore calls for Law and Order are secret code for “If elected I will work towards imprisoning even more of said minority!”
Same with the simple truth that we cannot afford the social welfare programs we now fund, let alone any new ones. With your Lefty-Lu secret decoder ring you can read “I support starving and denying health care to said minority group”.
So …that’s it with a party sustained by racist appeals. Sorry Wehner.

• A party of “haters”: Again an example of Leftist telepathy. If it is my principle that governments at every level lack a legitimate role in the transactions between rational adults, then “I hate” transgendered folks because I will not use government power to coerce private businesses to accommodate their peculiar needs. Again only psychic Leftists can perceive that ultra-sonic dog-whistle that is allegedly used to encode “If elected I will make it illegal to be a transgendered person!” Why? Because “Like you, my fellow Americans I hate queers!”  Oh Wehner!  
• “Conspiracy Nuts” two words “twenty-eight pages”.  The deliberate cover up of Saudi involvement in 9/11 has been kept from us these fifteen years.  The “vast right-wing conspiracy’s” persecution of the Clinton Crime Family is hardly a lunatic’s ravings.  And the actual facts surrounding Obama’s birth may never be determined.  His social security number is in a series of numbers used for births in CT at that time.  Not Hawaii!   Who funded the young slacker Barry Sotero?
• Indifferent to the plight (does anyone other than Leftist rhetoricians use that word?) of the poor and the weak. Uh oh, still another presumption of the clairvoyant SJW. (No, not “single Jewish woman” as I had first guessed, but “Social Justice Warrior”!). If one understands the theory of the Social Contract it is self-evident that we create government in order to protect our private property, our lives and our liberty. The Left claims some share of ones private property is somehow “owed” to those who are in some official plight.  The illusion of legitimacy iscreated  by legally defining some arbitrary income level as a “plight”.  It is made to appear legal and  official as private property is taken away by a third party.  And it is their beneficence (the third party’s of course)  to donate the “surplus” to alleviate “official plights”. A more honest system would do away with the middle-woman (are there any men left in the middle management of Public Welfare bureaucracies?) and have anyone who feels “plighted” assess how much of the “donor’s” wealth is required to remove said plight. And of course he would be “entitled” to it. But if one states that “a need is not a claim” she is instantly charged and convicted of bigotry!   Merely speaking truth to self-righteousness is a Hate Crime.  Charity is a virtue. Theft is not. Charity is a choice. Other than those physically incapable of providing for themselves, no one is owed anything. Standing for Private Property does not make one uncaring. Most people will be more generous to those who do not come with a gun making demands based on their “plight”!
• Anti-Woman is what those who believe fetuses are private property call those who do not. It is amusing in a sick way that those with the least sense of other’s private property are rabid about this one particular item. That which ought be private property is not. That which ought not be, is! This perhaps is corollary to a major principle of Post-Modernism: That which was a matter of morality is a matter of taste. And that which was a matter of taste is now one of morality.
How in the world does Mr. Wehner accuse Donald Trump of these “thought-crimes”, “thought-crimes” that are defined by the Left?  No, the question is how can he parrot Leftist talking points without acting the fool?  Answer: he cannot.
The selection of Trump by the primary voters has made Wehner repent of his defense of the GOP?  Lead follow or get out of the way! The American (and British) people have had a belly full of elitists spinning intilekchuel rationales for irrational national suicide.
The fact that the Times could print such crap as:

But it is fair to say that there existed in the Republican Party repulsive elements, people who were attracted to racial and ethnic politics and moved by resentment and intolerance rather than a vision of the good. This group was larger than I ever imagined, and at important moments the Republican Party either overlooked them or played to them. Some may have been hoping to appeal to these elements while also containing and moderating them, to sand off the rough edges, to keep them within the coalition but not allow them to become dominant. But the opposite happened. The party guests took over the party.… 

as the above, without one example in support of such vile claims is par for them. What dripping elitism! We are merely “party guests” who, took over the party?

Why are we so despised? I can understand his position without castigating his morality. But as with the Left, here is an inability to fundamentally disagree with someone without attacking their motives.
I suspect that under most of Wehner’s hate speech is an idealistic belief in Free Trade. If he supports that, fine, I do not. I am not more moral than him because of that.  I presume he is not in favor of the furthering of the Rust Belt, or the marginalization of English-speaking American-Americans.  He has his ideologic reasons for Free Trade corporate globalism.  Although I suppose it is possible that he is selfishly fixated on the rising value of his stock portfolio.  But I am not clairvoyant.
The ideologues claim Free Trade is corollary to liberty. Yet, the Constitution gives Congress the power to set trade policies with foreign countries. So, if he believes that national borders are irredeemably illiberal and that goods and labor must pass freely it is he who is a radical.  The Party of Lincoln was the Party of Trade Protection !  So who is the guest of whom?

Free Trade has caused the destruction of the middle-sized industrial cities of America. And with them went the well-paying jobs that allowed the average man to own a home, support a family and save for retirement. A man today without college education in the arts of rhetoric which is what most of a post HS education consists of has little chance of a “middle class life”. The full time commitment and ambition of the professional is not for everyone. Some folks would rather have a life.

Those cities are now abandoned rusting ruins rotting in the center of suburban sprawl that itself is under attack. (Climate, you know. Wink.)

The Black underclass has paid the price. So an idea, the actualization of which will have an adverse effect on a targeted minority might well be said to be Free Trade. But of all the arguments against Free Trade I have yet to hear anyone claim it to be based in racism! Why the hell not?
“Woman’s issues” is only your side’s dog-whistle. It is all about abortion. Actually Trump is not a Bible-thumping pro-lifer, not an  absolutist, from fertilization to birth. Would you have been equally appalled by every other GOP candidate? They all had to kiss the pro-life ring. But which candidate would Wehner have supported?  It is crass hypocrisy to spread the Democrat lie that Trump is anti-woman!   If Jeb! was running and he made strong statements against abortion would Wehner have called him “anti-Woman”?

Intolerance. Too much is said of tolerance as a virtue. In immunology a state of tolerance means no recognition of what is non-self. AIDS is a state of tolerance. Why should Americans tolerate that which NO NATION IN HISTORY has tolerated?  I can think of no nation that has voluntarily allowed a migration of demographic proportion. In history, nations were displaced by invaders after they no longer could hold them off. Have we lost some war at our borders?
Why must we tolerate America becoming Latinized?
Latinos have a pre-modern culture. Catholic majority nations are often poorly governed, and impoverished. Most American Catholics are descended from Catholics who might just as easily have migrated to Latin Argentina or Chile. But they recognized that it was America that held a future for their children. Why? So too in Muslim majority nations, when given a chance the people will emigrate to a Western nation. And within the West it is the Protestant areas in northwestern Europe they truly seek. With Britain the golden isle, the ultimate destination no wonder BREXIT. This is not to say that the modern religiosity is relevant. This is not to say Americans are all Protestant!    I am not. We are not.  But, the Middle Class culture of the Anglo-American world is where we began. Our culture is steeped in Reformed Protestant ethics.  We are as fish in its water.
Why should we have immigrants foreign to the main thrust of our history and culture come here in numbers that will render us minorities in the lands our fathers carved out of the wilderness. Oh but we cannot say that without some caveats to the Indians. Let it be understood once and for all, European diseases destroyed Native American societies. We had no superiority over them. The force that allowed the timing of plagues and peoples laid out a highway into this New World. But what makes anyone think that we earned the ease and wealth we take for grante. If not for the “just-in-time” coincidences there’d be no America. Too many take it all for granted.

The Don asks “Do we have a country or not?”  He means “a nation”: are we a Nation or not?   If so, there is an American culture.  There is an American historical narrative.  There is an American literature.   A rule-of-thumb: when “American” is placed in quotes beware the Post-Modern elitist.

Less White, Less Male, Less Free, Less Prosperous

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”
IF we knew the result enfranchising women and minorities would be, I would have been against it.
When Men voted they voted in light of their families’ situations.  It was presumed that their wife and children’s interests were identical to his.  And, they were.  When the reach of government was curtailed the interests it impacted were few in number.  Over the small range of interests in which the government had standing, there was no difference within families and little difference between neighbors.
The Federal government’s intrusion into the States’ authority, forcing voting rights for blacks was not an altruistic enlightened act. At the time it appeared to be unquestionably right; and the Jim Crow south was presumed to be evil.  Some of the Southerners resisted the Federal Civil Rights making the States’ Rights argument.  We assumed it was the same sort who were stridently pro-slavery in the run up to the Civil War; hiding their bigotry behind high sounding rhetoric of Liberty, crying wolf over impending tyranny.   It never occurred to us moralists in the North that this time their might really be a wolf!
Only in retrospect can we see that this was a cynical step in the fundamental change of America from a Constitutionally limited Republic of States into a monolithic socialist republic. 
Forcing the Southern states to allow voting by all blacks, and by outlawing any poll tax, or minimal knowledge test applicable to all in a racially blind manner was a deliberate and necessary step to tyranny. How? 
For every vote from a non-tax-payer, the vote of the taxpayer is diluted. Harnessed by shrewd multigenerational schemers the blacks were kept poor, and dependent upon government handouts. Affirmative Action was the elbow the Federal Government used to smash into the entire informal structure of free association, and private property. Once in, they worked insidiously to make the doing of any business, whether buying or selling, hiring or firing, job offer and job acceptance: everything, a regulable activity. Businesses all required a Business License!
Part of the multigenerational scheme was the deliberate debauching of morals. Once the Black family was more conservative than the Whites. Out of wedlock sex was not winked at. Out of wedlock pregnancy required instant marriage, shotgun or otherwise! 
But, Margaret Sanger, Racist Eugenicist wanted to eradicate the black race. Planned Parenthood spread the doctrine of Abortion for unplanned pregnancies. Women were beguiled to take their newly won vote and dedicate it to whoever would honor this morbid “right”.
The appointment of several generations of Supreme Court justices imbued with their self-importance and “responsibility” to further progress was the final necessary piece. 
Now, we had a black voting block that paid little if any tax, voting for those pols who would promise them more loot, more affirmative action. And we had women voting their interests, which suddenly were not the interests of their families as the male vote was. No, their interest was anti-family.
This was exactly what the multigenerational scheme was after:
A monolithic federal state unbound by the Constitution, deriving “legitimacy” from those foolishly enfranchised by the White man through his sense of fairness and morality. Now, we are judged as being a rear guard of unfair and immoral “privilege”! WE who tamed the continent, fought its wars, built its industry and agriculture, its mighty economic system, and fought for voting rights for women and blacks, have placed our necks in the noose, and have been convinced that we deserve it!
I honestly believe that the opening of the voting franchise has resulted in the death of Liberty.  Ironically the shadow of liberty, The Vote, has strangled the reality of Liberty; the limited state.  It sounds harsh, but I honestly would say that recent events bears out the warnings from the southern opponents of the Federal strong-arming and over-throwing of the states’ right to decide on its own voting procedures.  The outright bigotry evident in selective poll tax or knowledge tests was done away, and rightly so.  But the across-the-board Federal restrictions on all equally applied poll taxes, and knowledge tests were illegitimate.  They were part of the long and patient whittling down of actual rights and their replacement by “collective rights”.  And now we have Ms Wasserman-Schultz crowing about our self-inflicted wound!  This radical feminist who would not take her husband’s name in full, has no higher ideal than the freedom to have abortions on demand paid for by the public, thereby forcing the sin on all.  Though spreading the national curse it will not minimize the moral judgement of any single “termination”.  She and her ilk will support the deadliest foe of America if he/she would but guarantee their “right”.  The Looting Class too, would vote even for the one who will kill their golden goose if he could promise them just a but more in the short term.  (The failure to look past the short term is why these people are on the dole!)

9/11 Eleven Years Later: Cloward, Piven, and Moody’s Blues

SEPTEMBER 11, ELEVEN YEARS LATER: Cloward & Piven and Moody’s
Twelve years ago this morning airplanes crashed onto the World Trade Center.  Whether this was done by cave-dwelling Muslims in an effort to stymie world trade, or by others to stymie world freedom is irrelevant today.  But, today, Moody’s statement may, in twelve more years be seen as equally devastating to both world trade and liberty.  There are those in high places who wish for nothing more than the fall of America.  Whether out of racial anger; or out of radical fervor, or the hatred of Old Money for the “snot-nosed republic across the ocean” matters not.  What matters is that they have been eagerly awaiting this day for a very long time.
Cloward & Piven explains the entire thrust of the regime’s policies.  Obama, a puppet of the Globalists is happy to do their bidding, which is to bring down the United States of America.  The persistence of an independent United States of America functions as a final redoubt of Liberty.  Not even in a military, diplomatic way, but in a more important way, by being the final safe deposit for capital.  The USSR failed because its inefficient use of capital doomed its economy.  So long as capital can move, it will always move to where it can be most productive. The Internet has mobilized capital as no other phenomenon in history.  A click of a mouse and a Billion dollars can move instantly.  Socialism is dead, so long as one place on earth is free.  Capital can no longer be kept behind Iron Curtains.  Therefore Socialism MUST remove every last stronghold of economic liberty.  The Twentieth Century demonstrated the indispensability of the US to world liberty.  “They” the Utopians, who are nothing more than arrogant intellectuals who believe that their prescription for universal happiness is True, have realized that the US must die.

They have found an ally in the Marxist anti-Colonialist Obama.  Not he alone, but the entire cadre of college “educated” post-Modern academented radicals, have found that a claim to “moral superiority” is easily made by denigrating America’s lack of perfection.  That the rest of the world is so much worse in every category is of no importance.  America must be humbled!  Yes, America must be humbled so They can be acclaimed as the “loving and caring people” that they are!

Whether Obama’s allies are honestly seeking to create a Scandinavian-style welfare state in America and are merely foolish; or they are evil, and actively seeking the overwhelming of the system, it will not matter.  It is working.  There is nothing Obama will not spend billions on.  Whether good or bad, effective or not, does not matter, so long as the national debt increases beyond the point of credit-worthiness.  The moment the credit rating drops, the interest owed on our debt will cause the debt to increase to the point that it no longer is sellable.  America will be bankrupt.  In receivership, our assets will be seized.  But more important to the human race, there will no longer be any final redoubt for capital.  Statist Tyranny will be a boot on the face of humanity forever and ever!