NO TO WWIII WITH RUSSIA: sick of being played!

Russia is not in expansionist mode. They are, if anything in a situation not very different from that of Germany at Versailles after WW1.
Someday historians may well write that the Russians did not lose a single battle on their own territory yet lost the Cold War. This is what Germans said of WW1. The German army was never defeated on German soil.
And its defeat resulted in the dismemberment of the German Empire. Germans, who had been part of the majority in pre-war Germany were minorities in the new states carved out of the Hapsburg and German Empires: Czechoslovakia, Poland, parts of Lithuania (Memel). The Germans surrendered because Wilson promised a JUST settlement. But he could not deliver it. The French especially, and Britain wanted reparations.
When the Soviet Empire fell during George H.W. Bush’s presidency, he spoke sweetly to Gorby agreeing that NATO would not move eastward into the void left by the Russian retreat. But rather than sowing seeds for future stability he and Clinton moved NATO eastward.
(Also GHW Bush took advantage of that unipolar moment to Rope-A-Dope named Saddam Hussein. His ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie gave Saddam a green light to invade Kuwait. And that justified Poppa Bush’s risk-like move: three into the Persian Gulf from America. The entire disaster of the Middle East is placeable at GHWB’s feet.)

How dare the USA seek to keep Russia penned up in the borders resultant from the Soviet Collapse? If during the US Civil War, say Britain invaded the Oregon Territory. The day after Appomattox you can bet an Army of Blue and Gray would be marching together to retake the Oregon Territory and all of Canada to boot!
The sanctions placed on Russia over Ukraine are asinine. If sanctions were placed on the US after retaking Oregon territory would we back down? Not any RED BLOODED AMERICAN would! Crimea was Russified after a 200 year period of wars with Ottoman Turks, the Crimean War against Turkey, France and Britain. A bitter battle for Sevastopol was fought with France and Britain, and 100 years later with the Wehrmacht. It is Russia’s window into the Black Sea and thus the Mediterranean and to the entire world. It is to Russia as say Pearl Harbor was to the USA. Would sanctions force us to leave Pearl Harbor? Never.
Now, who are we protecting? Cui bono? The EU and US Globalist interests launched the coup d’etat that removed the legally elected premier of Ukraine. He was pro-Russian. Ukraine is populated by millions of Russians and millions of mixed Russian-“Ukraine” marriages. Kiev in the west is drawn to the EU. And the EU seeks to incorporate Ukraine into its territory.
The EU after Brexit is merely Germany’s sock puppet. Russia is not going to allow Berlin another crack at its breadbasket. Twice in a century is enough. Besides, what will the EU be? Will it be Eurabia, an apostate Chrislam continent? Why do we assume Greater Germany (Groß Deutschland) is OUR ally? Were we ever on the same side in any war with Germany? From the Hessians in the Revolutionary War to the World Wars of the 20th century, NO.
The Globalists now control the EU and China. This can be seen as analogous to the German-Japanese pact only writ large. Putin is that nasty old nationalist demanding to make Russia great again. America was supposed to passively go down the path the elite had chosen for us. BUT that darn CONSTITUTION got in the way. We the PEOPLE elected Trump because we like America being sovereign in America. We want to make America Great Again, too!
These clever elite didn’t get to their positions of power by being fools. So what to do? If America refuses to be ridden like a War Horse by the EU-China Axis how about we pit Russia against America?
Russia and America are natural allies. BOTH of us are of European civilization but are not European. Both of us have frequently been forced to work together against the European hegemon du jour. First it was Great Britain but now the USA has inherited Britain’s role as the natural foe of any continental European hegemon: along with Russia.
Russia is the other white meat superpower! Moscow may smile in its alliance with Beijing, but no one could be truly happy with a rising superpower a billion strong across a very, very long border. Far better is an ally an ocean away.
Trump, I had hoped would play the Russia card as Nixon did the China card. BUT the globalists feared that. Thus Russian Collusion Delusion. Why did they pick Russia to be the colluder? Why not China? Because the EU-China is the new Axis.  The Collusion Delusion is an attempt at forcing Trump’s hand to be tough on Moscow.  If this is the case, despite my great support of Trump he must resign.  We cannot allow the NWO to paint us into a corner with Putin and a world war.  Pence is not tarred with the Russian Delusion.  If it is a choice between Trump being steered by Bolton and the neo-cons into WW3 just to disprove any Russian collusion we must choose Pence.   It is only for the US Britain and Russia to awaken and see that the Krauts are gonna do it again!

Actual Republican Party Reptile

The NY Times today (July 17, 2016) ran an Op-Ed by a certain Peter Wehner, who presumes to be a long-suffering GOP apologist.  His was a voice of rebuttal to the constant chorus of libels and lies promoted by the mainstream media. And of course the NY Times is at the head of any list of leftist propaganda organs. So it is with high irony that they chose to publish this Sunday Op-Ed.
Wehner July 17, 2016 NY Times  Reptile’s Op-Ed
In fact this staunch defender of the GOP has so often appeared in the Times Op-Eds that they should hire him as the Official House Republican. Despite the title he would still be referred by the J-school geniuses around the Perrier water cooler as the the “GOPher”.

His opening paragraph says it all:

FOR my entire adult life I have listened to the invective leveled against the Republican Party by liberals: It is a party sustained by racist appeals, composed of haters and conspiracy nuts, indifferent to the plight of the poor and the weak, anti-woman.
Now, I do know the feeling he is expressing. I am a Jew who defended Mel Gibson when his film The Passion evoked charges of anti-Semitism. No, no, I insisted, the film cast the entire Jerusalem establishment as culpable in its rejection and crucifixion of Jesus. So when old Mel was picked up DWI and was videoed giving a drunk exhortation that demonstrated his Jew-hatred, I felt the fool. But this is not that.
Unlike the Gibson rant, nothing that Mr. Wehner rebutted is the case with Donald Trump!

Point by point
• A party sustained by racist appeals. Not so. The “racist appeals” is a phrase of rhetoric. This is the so-called dog-whistle,  a common accusation of the Left. It is a presumption of telepathy! If one supports a principle, the actualization of which might have a negative effect on some element of a “targeted” minority ipso facto the idea is Racist. An example of this rhetorical ploy is in regard to the “racist criminal justice system”.  If more of a particular minority are convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison that somehow proves “Racism” is at work. Therefore calls for Law and Order are secret code for “If elected I will work towards imprisoning even more of said minority!”
Same with the simple truth that we cannot afford the social welfare programs we now fund, let alone any new ones. With your Lefty-Lu secret decoder ring you can read “I support starving and denying health care to said minority group”.
So …that’s it with a party sustained by racist appeals. Sorry Wehner.

• A party of “haters”: Again an example of Leftist telepathy. If it is my principle that governments at every level lack a legitimate role in the transactions between rational adults, then “I hate” transgendered folks because I will not use government power to coerce private businesses to accommodate their peculiar needs. Again only psychic Leftists can perceive that ultra-sonic dog-whistle that is allegedly used to encode “If elected I will make it illegal to be a transgendered person!” Why? Because “Like you, my fellow Americans I hate queers!”  Oh Wehner!  
• “Conspiracy Nuts” two words “twenty-eight pages”.  The deliberate cover up of Saudi involvement in 9/11 has been kept from us these fifteen years.  The “vast right-wing conspiracy’s” persecution of the Clinton Crime Family is hardly a lunatic’s ravings.  And the actual facts surrounding Obama’s birth may never be determined.  His social security number is in a series of numbers used for births in CT at that time.  Not Hawaii!   Who funded the young slacker Barry Sotero?
• Indifferent to the plight (does anyone other than Leftist rhetoricians use that word?) of the poor and the weak. Uh oh, still another presumption of the clairvoyant SJW. (No, not “single Jewish woman” as I had first guessed, but “Social Justice Warrior”!). If one understands the theory of the Social Contract it is self-evident that we create government in order to protect our private property, our lives and our liberty. The Left claims some share of ones private property is somehow “owed” to those who are in some official plight.  The illusion of legitimacy iscreated  by legally defining some arbitrary income level as a “plight”.  It is made to appear legal and  official as private property is taken away by a third party.  And it is their beneficence (the third party’s of course)  to donate the “surplus” to alleviate “official plights”. A more honest system would do away with the middle-woman (are there any men left in the middle management of Public Welfare bureaucracies?) and have anyone who feels “plighted” assess how much of the “donor’s” wealth is required to remove said plight. And of course he would be “entitled” to it. But if one states that “a need is not a claim” she is instantly charged and convicted of bigotry!   Merely speaking truth to self-righteousness is a Hate Crime.  Charity is a virtue. Theft is not. Charity is a choice. Other than those physically incapable of providing for themselves, no one is owed anything. Standing for Private Property does not make one uncaring. Most people will be more generous to those who do not come with a gun making demands based on their “plight”!
• Anti-Woman is what those who believe fetuses are private property call those who do not. It is amusing in a sick way that those with the least sense of other’s private property are rabid about this one particular item. That which ought be private property is not. That which ought not be, is! This perhaps is corollary to a major principle of Post-Modernism: That which was a matter of morality is a matter of taste. And that which was a matter of taste is now one of morality.
How in the world does Mr. Wehner accuse Donald Trump of these “thought-crimes”, “thought-crimes” that are defined by the Left?  No, the question is how can he parrot Leftist talking points without acting the fool?  Answer: he cannot.
The selection of Trump by the primary voters has made Wehner repent of his defense of the GOP?  Lead follow or get out of the way! The American (and British) people have had a belly full of elitists spinning intilekchuel rationales for irrational national suicide.
The fact that the Times could print such crap as:

But it is fair to say that there existed in the Republican Party repulsive elements, people who were attracted to racial and ethnic politics and moved by resentment and intolerance rather than a vision of the good. This group was larger than I ever imagined, and at important moments the Republican Party either overlooked them or played to them. Some may have been hoping to appeal to these elements while also containing and moderating them, to sand off the rough edges, to keep them within the coalition but not allow them to become dominant. But the opposite happened. The party guests took over the party.… 

as the above, without one example in support of such vile claims is par for them. What dripping elitism! We are merely “party guests” who, took over the party?

Why are we so despised? I can understand his position without castigating his morality. But as with the Left, here is an inability to fundamentally disagree with someone without attacking their motives.
I suspect that under most of Wehner’s hate speech is an idealistic belief in Free Trade. If he supports that, fine, I do not. I am not more moral than him because of that.  I presume he is not in favor of the furthering of the Rust Belt, or the marginalization of English-speaking American-Americans.  He has his ideologic reasons for Free Trade corporate globalism.  Although I suppose it is possible that he is selfishly fixated on the rising value of his stock portfolio.  But I am not clairvoyant.
The ideologues claim Free Trade is corollary to liberty. Yet, the Constitution gives Congress the power to set trade policies with foreign countries. So, if he believes that national borders are irredeemably illiberal and that goods and labor must pass freely it is he who is a radical.  The Party of Lincoln was the Party of Trade Protection !  So who is the guest of whom?

Free Trade has caused the destruction of the middle-sized industrial cities of America. And with them went the well-paying jobs that allowed the average man to own a home, support a family and save for retirement. A man today without college education in the arts of rhetoric which is what most of a post HS education consists of has little chance of a “middle class life”. The full time commitment and ambition of the professional is not for everyone. Some folks would rather have a life.

Those cities are now abandoned rusting ruins rotting in the center of suburban sprawl that itself is under attack. (Climate, you know. Wink.)

The Black underclass has paid the price. So an idea, the actualization of which will have an adverse effect on a targeted minority might well be said to be Free Trade. But of all the arguments against Free Trade I have yet to hear anyone claim it to be based in racism! Why the hell not?
“Woman’s issues” is only your side’s dog-whistle. It is all about abortion. Actually Trump is not a Bible-thumping pro-lifer, not an  absolutist, from fertilization to birth. Would you have been equally appalled by every other GOP candidate? They all had to kiss the pro-life ring. But which candidate would Wehner have supported?  It is crass hypocrisy to spread the Democrat lie that Trump is anti-woman!   If Jeb! was running and he made strong statements against abortion would Wehner have called him “anti-Woman”?

Intolerance. Too much is said of tolerance as a virtue. In immunology a state of tolerance means no recognition of what is non-self. AIDS is a state of tolerance. Why should Americans tolerate that which NO NATION IN HISTORY has tolerated?  I can think of no nation that has voluntarily allowed a migration of demographic proportion. In history, nations were displaced by invaders after they no longer could hold them off. Have we lost some war at our borders?
Why must we tolerate America becoming Latinized?
Latinos have a pre-modern culture. Catholic majority nations are often poorly governed, and impoverished. Most American Catholics are descended from Catholics who might just as easily have migrated to Latin Argentina or Chile. But they recognized that it was America that held a future for their children. Why? So too in Muslim majority nations, when given a chance the people will emigrate to a Western nation. And within the West it is the Protestant areas in northwestern Europe they truly seek. With Britain the golden isle, the ultimate destination no wonder BREXIT. This is not to say that the modern religiosity is relevant. This is not to say Americans are all Protestant!    I am not. We are not.  But, the Middle Class culture of the Anglo-American world is where we began. Our culture is steeped in Reformed Protestant ethics.  We are as fish in its water.
Why should we have immigrants foreign to the main thrust of our history and culture come here in numbers that will render us minorities in the lands our fathers carved out of the wilderness. Oh but we cannot say that without some caveats to the Indians. Let it be understood once and for all, European diseases destroyed Native American societies. We had no superiority over them. The force that allowed the timing of plagues and peoples laid out a highway into this New World. But what makes anyone think that we earned the ease and wealth we take for grante. If not for the “just-in-time” coincidences there’d be no America. Too many take it all for granted.

The Don asks “Do we have a country or not?”  He means “a nation”: are we a Nation or not?   If so, there is an American culture.  There is an American historical narrative.  There is an American literature.   A rule-of-thumb: when “American” is placed in quotes beware the Post-Modern elitist.