On Dogs and Tea


***Li Yongwei, a Yulin resident in his 40s, said dog was the same as any other meat. “You shouldn’t force people to make choices they don’t want to make, the way you wouldn’t force someone to be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim,” he said.***

Li, a budding Lockean seems not to notice that the People’s Republic Of China has no qualms about forbidding Christianity other than under the auspices of the Party-sanctioned Church.

Only a people brainwashed that they have no national culture would defend dog meat as no different than say pork . All Cultures Are Equally Arbitrary is the motto of our “multicultural youth”.
Multiculturalism cannot exist within an individual, other than in multiple personality disorders. (And even then, I wonder if there has ever been a case of such?)

Pigs are supposedly intelligent. But pigs have not evolved like dogs. Dogs have evolved extreme sensitivity to humans’ emotional cues. And their facial muscles (especially Goldens) very much express their thoughts and feelings.
So, the “west eats pork and therefore cannot protest East Asian dog-eating” is not valid.
But what if it were valid. Does the fact that cultures are comprised of arbitrary symbols, signs and ethics mean they are equally as good? “Oh”, the intilecktchuel responds “‘good’ and ‘bad’ themselves are *mere* arbitrary constructions.”
And so is language. But intilecktchuels blather on endlessly spewing syllables like birdsong never perceiving that their every utterance is *merely* an arbitrary sound, or group of squiggles on a page!

WHY DO WE ALLOW CHINESE PRODUCTS TO POUR INTO AMERICA? The Miseans (neo-confederates) argue that Free Trade is based on libertarian principles. Clearly, these are principles the Framers of the Constitution knew not. Congress is given the authority to develop trade policies viz. foreign nations.
The Free Traders then try Utilitarian argument: that if each country specializes in producing that which it does well and efficiently and trades with other countries all will benefit.
But this breaks down completely when some nations keep their workers’ wages to a bare minimum. It allows the production of nearly everything to be offered for less money.
“The choice is in our hands” i.e. we can choose to not purchase Chinese products. This is not a valid argument. The Tea in the ships at the Boston wharves were taxed minisculey. The British East India Company had created a tea glut. The taxed British tea was less expensive than the smuggled product. Human nature being what it is, and not what it’s not, will only rarely forgo immediate self interest in the interests of a better future or out of morality.
The Sons of Liberty unlike the future Sans Coulottes of the French Revolution and then the Reds of the Russian Revolution did not claim the right to “remold the world closer to the heart’s desire”. The American Revolution did not attempt to change human nature.
Taxed Tea was intolerable. Even if it were cheaper than smuggled untaxed tea. Human nature was not going to be changed by the Sons, but the temptation of the tea would be removed.
Same with claiming that Americans vote for cheap Chinese imports with their dollars. Perhaps so. But we have no qualms about outlawing various drugs because they are addictive. The product of coolie labor is addictive.
Boycott it, yes. But that is not sufficient. Destroy it at the docks is the Sons of Liberty’s way. The American way!

Naval Confrontation, WW1 + 99 Years

*Russia tells U.S. how Syria plan will go down..
*Iran to U.S.: ‘We will destroy your world’…
*Russia’s ‘carrier-killer’ enters Mediterranean…
SUDDENLY OBAMA’S WEAKNESS HAS BROUGHT THE REAL CRISIS. Putin’s actions have been such that America MUST fully protest and reinforce the Eastern Med or retreat across the Atlantic.
IF PUTIN is arming Iran and bringing its “Carrier-killer” into the Mediterranean, it is crossing into extremely dangerous waters. This “Killer” would necessarily have to be destroyed immediately upon any hostilities: even upon the strong chance of hostilities.
The USN must bring a destroyer and an attack sub to within range of Russian electronics, they must be allowed to know they are there. And of course multiple weapons systems must be targeting this ship at all times.
99 years ago last month the calculus of timetables ignited WW1. Russian mobilization required more time than the other European Powers. The Czar believed that because of that he had to start his mobilization at the first hint of war with Austro-Hungary and Germany. As Russia mobilized Germany had no choice but to begin her mobilization. At German mobilization France had no choice but begin hers. This was a slow motion but relentless fuse. With guided missile “Carrier-Killers” in the Med, the same calculus applies but one on crack.
To the America-bashers of Conspiracy Land: You all have become unrealistically enamored of Putin. Because he stands against the West Inc. you look up to him. However, recall he is a KGB man. If Russia is allowed to overawe the US Navy in the Med, we will be forced to retreat perhaps to Britain. Israel and Western Europe will have to make their necessary arrangements and deal with a Russian dominated Med.
NATO will be as destroyed, as the Warsaw Pact. The Suez would come under Russian domination.
I have long felt the Carriers are like the battleships of WW2: obsolete. The Falklands War should have put the US Navy on notice that the age of the Super Carrier Task Force has passed. Perhaps they were good for overawing developing nations, but if real war with China or Russia (even Iran) came, a barrage of anti-Ship missiles could destroy a several billion dollar system and kill thousands of sailors.
With B1 and B2 Stealth bombers capable of flying from Oklahoma to any target in the world and back, the need for local airfields is past. A Carrier Task force is just a hugely expensive airfield at sea.
The USN like militaries in general, are always preparing to fight the last war; especially if that war was on the scale and grandeur of the Pacific War. We have lost our industrial heart. We will NOT be able to absorb the first blow, and bounce back with massive output of new ships as we did in 1941- 45. A Chinese/Russian missile attack on US Carrier Groups would be Pearl Harbor times millions. We would be forced to go nuclear or retreat to North America while the rest of the world would be brought under Sino-Russian power. Perhaps the EU would be forced to accommodate itself into the new world. In that case we would also face a Germany rapidly re-arming, along with the rest of the world’s resources being mobilized against us.
Suddenly Syria is very unimportant.