I have always dreaded the coming Civil “Unrest”. THEY wish for nothing so much as “armed white Christian militia” to fire at their minions. Then the iron-fisted Police State will be unleashed.

THEY are deliberately importing hordes of foreigners in order to make all people in America minorities, and thus destroy any sense of an American culture and nation.

John Locke and the Enlightenment Philosophers whose thinking informed the formation of America, recognized that human society itself is organic and largely self-governing.
The State of Nature as Thomas Hobbes saw it was “ware (war)as is of every man against every man“. And men’s lives were “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. Thus, Hobbes attempted to justify the imposition of authority from above to maintain peace. In this case it was the British Monarchy which he defended as necessary.

Locke however, as the first English liberal (in the classic sense, which we must reclaim!) recognized that Hobbes was wrong. Locke had a more optimistic sense of humanity. Society develops organically. It spontaneously self-assembles through organic institutions, such as Religion, Trade and the rules of moral behavior. Government is required only for the purposes of protecting the society from external predatory societies, and from predatory individuals within the society. There are also large complex projects over which only Government can organize: large-scale irrigation, erection of forts (no jokes! I heard that snickering in the back row!), monuments, food storage etc.
WHAT THE NWO LACKEYS and Trendies are attempting, successfully, is the deliberate destruction of the ORGANIC nature of America. There is unmitigated war against everything and anything that once went without saying. Even English is dismissed as the National Language. There is NO AMERICAN NATION allowed in the sense of a nation being the sum of culture, language, borders and People. America is to be a mere geographic expression. There is no specific American culture, language, general belief system or morality. There are Italian, French, Japanese and thousands of other Peoples. But even the suggestion of an AMERICAN PEOPLE is mocked as passé at best, and more likely dismissed as triumphalist, xenophobic, racist, ethnocentric and whatever PC sin comes to mind.
NEVER in all of history do I know of any case in which a nation’s culture was deliberately destroyed by its government!  (With the notable exceptions of the USSR and Red China.  Now that is a very exclusive set, indeed!)
ONLY A GOVERNMENT seeking TOTALITARIAN political power would deliberately destroy all competitive institutions. Organic sources of cultural norms and mores must therefore be “deconstructed“.  ONLY GOVERNMENT can maintain cohesion in such an atomized STATE.
I HAVE ALWAYS DREADED THE POTENTIAL “CIVIL UNREST” that will herald the de facto Police State becoming de jure.
We are dying as a People; our organic institutions are under mortal attack. IF WE DO NOT RISE UP AND CLOSE OUR BORDER AND FIGHT ANY WHO WOULD DARE INTERVENE by attacking us as “racists, white supremacists, vigilantes, extremists” etc we shall perish as a People and a Nation. Let us at least be remembered as a PEOPLE who did not shuffle forlornly and meekly into extinction. If America dies, let our death be as heroic as those who gave their last full measure to gain and preserve our Liberty and Independence.

America: A Protestant Nation Or A Secular State? Or Both?

I believe the most foundational difference between the two sides of the present culture/political war is found in the different definitions of America.  
There has always been a certain confusion in America between the nation and the government.  The American nation, like all nations had common language, culture, and belief systems.  The fact that the nation was first settled by Englishmen necessarily means that its culture was steeped in Protestantism.  British identity itself was based upon its belief in its mission as bulwark against Roman Papacy.  The English Civil war was the pump that impelled settlers to the Atlantic seaboard.  \ Kings James and Charles persecuted Puritans and Separatists.  We all know how one group of Separatists fled to Leiden in the Netherlands and then to Plymouth MA.  They were followed by a larger wave of Puritans who established Boston.  

In the midst of this exodus of small-church Protestants the deadlock between King Charles and Parliament came to a head and Civil War began.  When the Puritans or Roundheads won, many of the Cavalier- High Anglican Church supporters left for Virginia.  Though Jamestown was settled far earlier, the Chesapeake/Virginia area remained lightly populated.  Jamestown was the work of men emulating Spanish Conquistadors seeking gold and silver.  There was little interest in bringing families.  Not until Oliver Cromwell’s victory did many English families make the move to Virginia.  

Ultimately Charles II was restored and upon his death King William of the Netherlands married to the English princess Mary was given the throne ( as William and Mary).  

Thus America’s first settlers were extremely motivated by their personal views on Protestant Christianity.  

That sense of Liberty common to all Englishmen on either side of the Atlantic is largely derived from the Protestant faith.  Protestantism, as opposed to Catholicism, does not claim collective salvation. It is in individual salvation through Jesus that hope is placed and it is not through membership in The Church of Rome that saves. This difference is one that spurred the individualism of the Anglosphere.  

(This is not to say that Catholics or Jews in America are any less immersed in Liberty than are Protestants.  It is to say that the Protestant-derived culture produced a liberality that benefited all.)  

America was a Protestant nation but a secular state.  That is a key point.  

The 20 and 21st centuries have seen a lethal attack on the nation’s culture.  The power of the secular government has been used to weaken the religious beliefs and behavior of the American People.  Why?  Knowing how interdependent Protestant Christianity and Liberty have been those who seek the fundamental transformation of America have worked insidiously for a century to undermine Culture.  It is our inchoate sense of their modus operandi that bothers us to the degree that it does in regard to “gay” marriage.  It is not merely opposition to the “expansion” of marriage to include same-sex couples, it is the vague sense that government is superseding the Nation.  America was unique in that we were already a People before we had a government.  It seems commonsensical (another trait of English Protestantism) that a nation has a government and not the reverse!  

As a Messianic Jew, I too understand how we must be grateful to the Protestant (especially the Calvinist rather than the Lutheran side) ethic.  It is obvious that the ethic will not survive the disappearance of religious fervor.  

Those who hate America, hate Capitalism.  Those who have disdain for Free Enterprise are implacable foes of The Modern Age.   Post Moderns are always indwelled by the secular imperative.  It is why the only ethnic group that is allowed to be mocked in the media, movies and TV are WASPs.  The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have been conditioned to apologize for their very history!  This bodes poorly for the American nation.  

Let us not allow confusion between the State and Nation cloud our clarity!