Two Shits Passing In The Night: Trayvon and Zimmy

No longer can the Government Approved Media command the narrative. Despite their best effort to put a halo around Trayvon Martin, and demonic horns on Zimmerman, the reality is that both were/are human beings: warts and all.

Trayvon conformed to the culture beamed out from all the myriad platforms, like HaSatan’s whisperings, 24/7.  Black men are sell-outs if they are earnest in any endeavor.  To be AUTHENTIC a black kid, must never appear earnest.  He must strive to be seen as a shrewd, street-smart operator; “playing” people in what is a war of all against all. I am not saying this is what Trayvon was.  I am saying this is the style that Trayvon sought to imitate. Apparently this maladaptive culture is now multigenerational.  Do you know many Cardiac surgeons named Trayvon?  No, neither do I.  His parents, too,  were authentic homies. Despite the  All American Football Card image of Trayvon and “model” teen shown on TV, he was under a one week suspension from school the night he was shot and killed.  When that bit of the story first came out, there seemed to be an attempt at whitewashing it.  Now it is deemed “unclear” by the media whose job it is to make clear that which is not.  But do not hold your breath.  If we ever learn the reason for Trayvon’s suspension it will be from the alternative media.  But just to set the ground work in case that does occur, already we hear “his” side’s strawman argument.  Even if  Trayvon was suspended for something more serious, that does not make him fair game to be hunted down and shot dead.  Nope; I’d agree there.  However, that is not the point.  The point is that Trayvon had become that authentic-appearing Black gangsta.  This was Trayvon’s choice.  Everyone who emulates the Gangsta is not a criminal.  Certainly no one deserves to be killed for selecting the demeanor of  a rolling hoodie-cloaked  street fighting man.  However, it is one that will invite the looks of those sizing up possible criminal threats in a Neighborhood Crime Patrol.  Why dress like a street thug and then when so considered be angry, or offended?

OK, so Trayvon probably rolled like he was a gangsta.  He attracted the attention of a Street Watching Man.

Which authentic category did Zimmy seek to wear?   I do not know much of him.  His backstory has not been fully fleshed out by the Media yet.  This will have to be a much more delicate and subtle production to make the narrative go just so.  The media must make this racial.  Thus the NY Times has already taken to calling Zimmy, a “white Hispanic“.  It is obvious that The System wants racial animosity.  They seek to protect and nourish this “spark” that was tragically lit on a dark, rainy night in inland Florida, far from the coasts and condos.  They will cradle it carefully from the wind and rain.  They will carefully add flammable material, and will strive to make this The News Story for the next few months.  They will carefully choreograph this, adding combustibles when needed, tamping it down to maintain a smoky smoldering low flame to husband the story. Always keeping it ready to flame up in an instant when needed to create a dramatic backdrop or if “required” a handy cause for Marshal Law.   This story gives on so much on so many levels that it is too much a gift to waste.  It will also be applied to the arsenal of the War against an armed citizenry.  So great is this gift that it must be carefully, very carefully be put to maximum use.   Zimmy’s racial characteristics must be managed closely.  The FBI has been given the 911 tapes to determine whether or not Zimmy used a taboo word.  This word so powerful that adults must use child-like constructions to refer to it, for to speak it even to discuss it is intolerable.  Like the name of God, the N-Word must now never be pronounced.

G-men will be digitalizing the “911” audio, and will try to isolate the signal and amplify it while damping the background.  Oh yes, they will be hunting fastidiously for that taboo word!!!  In the misty rain, did a half white Cubano shoot an angelic Black High School Honor Student?  Are we down the rabbit hole; through the looking glass?  One man was shot dead by another.  The facts to be determined are whether he shot in self-defense; and whether his need for defense stemmed from his following a hoodie-cloaked character and giving the cops a call; (there is no Alice to ask, so she won’t know.)

If the High Tech Crime Lab determines that Zimmy said the N-word, does that seal his fate?  Why?  If Trayvon turned on the person trailing him in the rain and dark, and knocked him down with a nose-busting punch in the face, Zimmy’s suspicions would have been confirmed.  Indeed the hoodie-cloaked character had knocked him to the floor.  If he was frightened either before or after this attack, he might have used the Word; the Word that evokes the image Trayvon had studiously created for himself.  And the word it isn’t love.  Yes, Trayvon may have been friends with other Trayvons and may well have used the “N-Word” on each other.  That is allowable.  A black man can say “Yo nigga, wuzzup?” to another black person.  That does not indicate homicidal intent.  Nor does Zimmy’s use of the word if indeed he uttered the ineffable Name prove anything other than Trayvon’s persona was well conceived and he wore it naturally.

Zimmy is the son of Hispanic and white parentage.  In Florida, Hispanic is likely Cuban.  We do not know which parent was which, nor if his parents were wed when he arrived on the planet nor do we know if they are still together.

Zimmy, may have been one of those in-between types; trying to find his way between the various Official Categories of Authenticity: not Cubano enough for this; not white enough for that.  Because he had no easy pre-packaged label to tag on himself, he gravitated to the society found in formal groups.  By formal groups I am not picturing Tuxedo-clad gentlemen sipping Gin and Tonics at a Polo match.  I mean formal, in the sense that the group has a name, a function, and at least some standard organizational structure.  In this category I will put AA and other 12 Step groups.  They take anyone, and by recognizing the steps one retains membership, even if one slips and returns to step 1.  Other groups might include voluntary hobbyist groups, such as hiking clubs, biking clubs, community centers, and Neighborhood Crime Watch groups amongst others.

This is the tragedy. Our perverse media-driven society has convinced us that authenticity as a person is derived from one’s loyalty to their racial or ethnic identity.  It is no surprise that having created the stereotypes of Ghetto gangsta, Macho Hispanic victim of Gringo, the rural white trash and all the rest of the bullshit categories, the Media mind-controllers are always on the lookout for stories to animate with their characters  Trayvon and Zimmy human beings both, lost their lives as they knew them that night.  But the Sharptons, Jacksons, Farrakhans and the rest of the Professional racialists like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League (self-loathing Jews who defend those who would in a heartbeat drop the Zyklon B into the chambers below), NAACP et al. have found their cause célèbre; at least this month’s.  But with proper spin control this could be made to grow and stretch out into summer riots and somehow pave the way for Obama Part II; a taste of which we were treated to already in the Hot Mic episode with the Russian, Medeved.  When this tragic story first hit the wires, I am sure there was a happy bounce in some folk’s footsteps, while others went about cheerfully whistling while framing The Narrative.  Others quickly obtained legal Trademarks on their dead son’s name and image, already appearing on tee shirts and stencil graffiti!  Others, like the Vulture-Moths they are, have followed the bright TV lights, to avail themselves of free publicity.  Still others seek proximity and have hopes of dipping their shirts in the kid’s blood.  Jesse Jackson collects such shirts.
What a typical American Media circus; a feeding frenzy of the Culture Change Agents, the profiteers, the publicity hounds, ….sad, and predictable.